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Soarin' Expansion and new Soarin' Around the World film


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That's what I've been thinking. There's probably more Spirit wasn't told. For example, if the Monster's Door Coaster was all ready to go into SS1 and even DCA is interested, how can they not jump at the opportunity to just build it. It would help capacity. It could be built fast, since all the engineering is done already and no infrastructure is required. Something to open while the rest is under perpetual construction is what they need. MIDC would fill that requirement and be also be a popular new addition!
Agreed. We took the conversation over here to keep this thread about Soarin:
The Spirited Back Nine ...


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What I thought I knew has now become a little cloudy. All the current changes - TSMM expansion/plussing, TSPL, CarsLand something or other, general overall theming changes/added eateries/shopping, etc. - is all that compromises the current budget numbers that have been put out there by our insiders?

If so that changes my impression of what is happening, especially if the Star Wars part of this overall redo is not included in that budget. Meaning I am anticipating this redo even more if the Star Wars work is coming from a separate budget. Spirit indicated in a separate thread that some people state that the DCA redo topped out at the 1.1 billionths level, but he went on to add more that raised the overall price to over 1.6 billion.

If Spirit knows his insider info - which, love him or hate him - he typically does, then what I am taking from this is that TWDC is planning on spending about 1.7 billion on the transformation of DHS, but that this figure does not include the Star Wars part of the expansion? That doesn't seem right.

I am also trying to figure out what this has to do with the Soarin' expansion. ;)
It's like this. Certain projects were done separately with the DCA redo and were not included in the DCA redo budget, such as TSMM. I suspect the same will happen with HS for SW.


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I don't know if this has been asked but will it replace the abandoned food rocks stage?

There is plenty of room behind the current Soarin building to add one, or even two new theaters without having to disrupt anything but some backstage buildings.



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Just curious, do you get a percentage when you pimp Jim Hill like that? Lol
Absolutely not. But considering how much crap he gets on here, I'm really the only one calling attention to each time he has it right. I actually wrote this one off as well. The rumor came from the original XPass information and was thrown out there as a possibility (but a legit proposal) for helping with XPass capacity.

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The timeline all makes sense. The news there is the 6 month window. I would imagine that after the 2015 Holiday season that Soarin' would close.

Also, this rumor was mentioned by Jim Hill in March of 2012. It wasn't until November of 2013 that the rumor resurfaced when WDW1974 mentioned it again. At that point most had assumed that the 3rd theater was dead.
The timeline does make sense in that SDL will be open by this point and the rumor was no one was getting the new film before they got it.

So it does make it possible that they could close it for half of 2016, with Frozen now open, and open it back up with the new film.

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Sounds good.

So we're still looking at a year out or longer at the earliest?

Looks like 2017 might be a good year to come back....
Yeah, besides some possible small additions in 2015, next year is looking mostly like a transition year (unless TSPL is able to get open for the end of next year... I think the bigger thing with TSPL is destruction and removal of props for BLT than actually building the new mini-land.) We are getting Trader Sam's and hopefully The Edison opening next year though so there's that...

Starting in 2016 and beyond though, we should start to see a nice flow of updated and new attractions coming in based on what is being reported.


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A very good question. I think they may need to open it at 9am anyway. Maelstrom was already low capacity and with the popularity of Frozen they are going to need more than 9 hours a day of run time.

If I were in charge I would open the pavilion at 9am and have a Frozen character breakfast added.

Agreed. Maybe even open Mexico as well with park opening so you get that ride too and just close the path after Norway.

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