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Sneaking into Disney...why?

Andrew M

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Very simple answer: Money. Either saving the cost of a park ticket or getting clicks on YouTube.

I saw one obviously staged and over-acted video where three kids said they were 'hiding out' at the Magic Kingdom and play up avoiding security and then the video ends with them at the TTC Parking lot, with no explanation how they could possibly get there and out of the park without utilizing Disney Transportation.


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I have often wondered with all the nooks and crannies in the parks if anyone has hidden out in the parks overnight after they close; with the intent of avoiding the park fee the next day. Does Disney do a security check every night to make sure this does not happen? Just wondering and no I have no thoughts of ever doing it
Yes they do a check, in each area the CM's have a sweep system to check every nook and cranny. Including restrooms! Once the park is deemed "clear" maintenance CM's start their work. If you managed to stow away it would be very difficult for you to remain undetected. The parks never sleep. Besides ride maintenance the horticulture people are there as well as custodial and others working on special projects. Such as rehearsing for new shows etc. etc. The average person would not blend in, not only would you be lacking your ID. It would look suspicious when you went to backstage areas and have that lost look as you wonder aimlessly taking in the new surroundings. CM's are familiar with backstage and don't " sight see" as they walk. They know where they are going and they go there like they mean it !


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Yes we have talked about this before. An 18 year old adult and his brother hid in Tom Saywer's island. At night they tried to swim across the river and

  • On June 20, 1973, an 18-year-old New York resident and his 10-year-old brother stayed on Tom Sawyer's Island past closing time by hiding in an area that is off-limits to guests. When they wanted to leave the island, they decided to swim across the river, despite the younger brother not knowing how to swim. The 18-year-old attempted to carry his younger brother on his back and drowned halfway across. His body was found the next morning. The younger brother was able to stay afloat by "dog paddling" until a ride operator rescued him.[49]
This is terrible.
At least the younger one survived.
I would be too scared to stay there after closing, and TERRIFIED to try and swim across, knowing most waterways are open to gators.


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Reminds me of that show on Netflix which I may or may not have binged watch: Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

Our curiosity just gets the best of us.
Ooooh I like that series. A friend of mine is a professional magician who does a lot of shows. He even likes it. He says the audience doesnt care theyve seen before how its done. They still like to be entertained with magic.


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I just feel clueless when it comes to this. I get the thrill of exploring abandoned places that aren't monitored and are free to wonder about, but this? Why? Why do people think this is a good idea?

For views? Thrills? What?

Scientists are still trying to figure out why young men post videos of themselves purposely and dangerously getting hit in the groin or eating Tide pods.

I attribute it to testosterone and a misplaced instinct to show-off virility to a potential mate. Sort of like when a peacock shows off his feathers even when a predator is nearby.


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Scientists are still trying to figure out why young men post videos of themselves purposely and dangerously getting hit in the groin or eating Tide pods.
And getting set on fire. Can't forget that.

The Fire Challenge: dousing yourself with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, then lighting yourself on fire to see how long you can stand it.

Yes, this really happened.

Oh, now there's the "Bird Box Challenge" in which idiots blindfold themselves and try to navigate through life.
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I assume people watch these exploration videos because they are "edgy" and for the shock factor. It's quite sad that crap like "LETS CLIMB BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN" is more popular amongst the general public than quality content like @marni1971 videos. Here is a screenshot taken moments ago of my YouTube subscription page. Notice how many views Martin's latest video has in relation to Matt's. Yes, I recently subscribed to Sonswa, but I only did so because I'm interested in seeing crap hit the fan when he gets caught.
View attachment 338816
To be fair....Tomorrowland Speedway isn't exactly the most interesting thing around, unless you're a hardcore Disney history fan.
Those are the folks (myself included) that @marni1971 makes videos for.

Another reason that off-limits videos are so popular is because we get nostalgic for certain places from our childhood like the old Imageworks, Discovery Island, River Country.....a lot of us were there and would like to see what their current state is. So we turn to folks like Adam the Woo and Leonard Kinsey who will go to those places to video and photo document what's there. Sometimes cast members get in on the action, like the one who posted photos of the remnants of Kitchen Kabaret/Food Rocks walled off behind the Soarin' queue.

And then there are the curiosity-seekers....they mostly go sneak in to the VIP lounges.

Wonders of LIfe's former MetLife Lounge. You can rent it for private parties.


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Though I do have to add that once the rule breakers get caught and face the consequences, they typically quit.

Adam The Woo famously got banned from WDW after going backstage one too many times....

He was then banned last year from Universal Orlando thanks to a backstage video of the old Nickelodeon Studios he did back in 2012.

After his Disney ban was lifted, he's not gone backstage at amusement parks anymore, and nowadays his abandoned areas videos are few and far between.

Now he mostly does quirky locations and roadside attractions videos.


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Sneaking around closed & restricted access places has appeal as old as time itself- whether somebody does this or not is none of my business. But there used to be a quiet dignity to this thing- if you sneak around, don't touch/take anything, don't get caught, be careful, assume your own risk and liability. Modern times have ruined this because now people will get injured being somewhere they're not supposed to then turn around and sue, and even moreso because folks (both young and old!) have a need to compulsively post and share every thing they do online, which ruins it for everyone else.


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Sonswa posted himself in the Indian Village after park hours today. Strangely the animatronics are still moving despite the park being closed.
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