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Rumor: Disney World Indiana Jones Show Closing To Make Room For Star Wars


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There is a budget for an as-yet unannounced project for DHS.
Well that's very interesting.

I believe that something is up. I believe that something is going on.

My gut says that Indy will stay through the end of the year but others say it's not long for this world.

There's smoke here… but not enough concrete information for me to feel comfortable saying "yes this is going to happen"… You see what I'm getting at?

My people are telling me one thing. You're saying something else. Tikiman is saying something else.

At this point, who the **** knows.

Mike S

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Not what I was told by people working on the project.

Car's Land in Florida is dead but Star Wars Land has a green light.
Good to hear. I would rather have a unique Pixar Place full of different rides than a clone of Cars Land, let DCA keep it as a unique offering. Great to hear about Star Wars too :D


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Problem is they hack away at those budgets till theres not much left. They took the Imagination redo budget for adding Nemo to the seas originally, and so forth. But it does seem like something is cooking.


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Please tell us more...
Someone anonymously just told me the same thing.

They said the Budget is proposed but not approved.

Edit: Now I have Zero experience dealing with this person and IDFK if they're reliable. And honestly, at this point I'm not saying anything is actually happening until I see approved budget paperwork and a bulldozer moving earth.
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So, basically, the process of it getting approved is on-going at the moment, budget is there, just not given the actual go-ahead. I'd imagine pitch to approval, with slicing and dicing along the way.

At least we're close to something I suppose, lol. And I really hope tikiman is right in the hat going away. I'm more interested in knowing that than whether SW land is coming (we all "know" it will be, it's just a matter of when exactly).
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