Trip Report Rise of the Popcorn Bucket


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Yay! I can't wait to hear all about this trip! I can see why J loved AoA! It is a really great resort for younger kids! My kids adored the Cars suite we stayed in before our cruise in 2014, and we loved the Lion King suite our last trip only because we had 2 bathrooms for the 5 of us which is fantastic now that the kids are older!


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While waiting for our server to bring the check R started talking about the last trip & slyly found a way to bring up the popcorn bucket & E right away started complaining about it!! Oh, if she only knew what she was in for!
I wish I had this kind of tact to bring something up without it being so obvious! :angelic:

In the end he ended up with a police car & some kind of building toy. E told him he couldn't open it on the plane b/c she knew the pieces would end up everywhere.
A police car and a toy? Lucky J! E is so smart that she wouldn't let him open it! Sweet of her to take his adorable suitcase!

I was busy on the phone. I have an 85 year old uncle in a nursing home who isn't doing well. I noticed he had called me twice so I figured something was wrong.
I instead got stressed out b/c I became a last minute referee for Family Feud.

I'm sorry your uncle isn't doing well. I'm glad the drama wasn't super serious (it sounds like) o_O:angelic::cautious:. It was sweet of you to mediate. I'm sure with R and E and J there, you were able to forget about it or at least put it out of your mind for awhile so you can have a fantastic trip!


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WHO: I think you know us but.....myself-Patti, R(I think I've converted him to a full blown Disney fan even though he claims he likes coming for the restaurants), my sister E & my super fun, partner in crime(in more ways than one on this trip) J!!
Already, I'm having chuckles! I always notice silly, insignificant details, and I had such a laugh over the group photo. Why? R (who is a tall gentleman) was slightly crouching down a little, to make sure he'd fit into the picture, length-wise -- but then I noticed that little J was also crouching down a bit (to fit into the picture)?

But J is just a little peanut-sized fella, and he didn't have to crouch down! :joyfull:
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