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Ride videos!!!!

Chris Lang

New Member
4 New Videos at VF

I don't normally announce new VF videos here, but we had a site member contribute 4 videos at once. They are:

Block Party Bash (Toy Story Show-Stop)
Eureka Parade (the entire parade)
All American Band (15+ minutes of live entertainment)
Parade of Dreams

All videos are 'single shot' and not edited. You can find the links at http://visionsfantastic.com/main.php?page=home

You need to be a member of VF (free) to download the videos.


Well-Known Member
Just wanted to let everyone know my servers are back up *hopefully.* Since I just moved to Orlando, I've had to redo a lot of things, this being one of them.


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Thanks guys! I'm having a problem though, my servers aren't wanting to start. Can either of you help me? I have a feeling it's because of the ethernet here at school. I really miss having my servers running. If not, I guess I'll have to live without them. :(


New Member
Disney Vacation TV clips now available!

I started encoding videos I captured from the Disney Vacation channel on digital cable. So far, I've encoded the following:

Disney Vacation TV - Animal Kingdom
Disney Vacation TV - Disney Cruise Line
Disney Vacation TV - Disneyland
Disney Vacation TV - Exciting Additions
Disney Vacation TV - Staying at a Disney Resort
Disney Vacation TV - What's New

They're encoded using some Divx Encoder, so the file extension is .divx

Hopefully they'll work for everyone


oh yeah, server type folks - the files are up at distro. please add em to your servers, thanks


WDW History nut
Premium Member
Hoping over to Distro now, thanks Popkid!

Rob; the quality of those videos from a stills camera is incredible; I`ve seen worse off a 3 chip DV cam!

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