News Return of the Walt Disney World tram fleet tracker


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Never thought I'd see the day the trams returned, I was convinced they were gone for good. Now onto the next complaint(s)...


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Maybe Disney should have skipped the announcement and just quietly started to run the trams. This only highlights how long it has taken them to return a basic service to guests. The responses on X are not kind.
Exactly what i was thinking… this is not something i be proudly announcing at all….


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Left EPCOT this morning after riding Cosmic Rewind before the long drive home. Walking out, my wife pointed out some trams just sitting there that I hadn’t noticed all week (we went every day) and I told her they were probably prepping them to return. A few hours later, they announce it.


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Someone posted awhile back that the blue flag boats won’t be returning as long as the current management is at the Contemporary - they don’t see the value in it and won’t pay their share to have the route run between the three resorts.
Yup, that’s exactly what my boat driver the other night said when I asked him about it. He said it’s his favorite route and he’s asked if there’s any word on it returning almost every day he has a shift, but the Contemporary closed their docks and won’t reopen them for resort launches. He said it’s crazy, but for a while after Covid they actually had enough boats on the line to accommodate for the blue flag route, but the Contemporary wouldn’t budge on reopening the docks.


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If only proper management, appropriate investment and value for the prices would return?

I know…pie in the sky…

How’s that stock price doing?
Did we write off galactic whatever and the little mermaid yet? 😎
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