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I cannot walk those distances anymore, so even if I ignore all the other crap that has been going on, the lack of trams is a deal killer. Epcot is the only one that has their parking locations that are very seldom far from the entrance. Epcot's run parallel to the park where as the others run away from the entrance.


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Exercising the fleet.....

A few years ago, I saw a tram driving by Typhoon Lagoon. Have no idea why it was there… anyways, it’s interesting they came out during sunlight hours, because merging (if they ever do have to merge on their route) is extremely hard. The whole thing just snakes around, with the end of the tram doing whatever the front did at a pretty delayed time.


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The EPCOT and Hollywood Studios parking trams are finally returning in September 2023.

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Utterly shameful that it has taken this long. I’m fortunate that we don’t have mobility issues that others have, but I have been watching others struggle and it is shameful they've had to. Not everyone who has mobility issues needs handicap parking on a normal day, but they can’t necessarily make it a half mile if they’re in the back row of the Epcot lot With no shade or benches to stop and rest along the way.


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Finally! I know they put directions to them on the new Epcot signs, so logically they had to have plans for them to show up, but I was still kind of worried they were just gone for good.

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