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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot


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5/10/2019 D056B2D6-3C48-49FA-A6F9-E35F01FCBF15.jpegDF8B76B7-6E6F-4BE4-BC4A-B6B0A258FAFB.jpeg


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Hey. He's a man. And his shirt isn't black, grey, or washed-out blue. That's at least a thousand fashion points for use of actual color.*

*grading on a curve.
My wardrobe consists primarily of Red Sox t-shirts, so I should probably back off.
+3 points for no show socks.
I'm also guilty of my socks generally being visible.


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According to Screamscape it might not be in 3D

According to Screamscape:
  • Tokyo's version of a Beauty and the Beast attraction was going to replace some DL dark rides in an impossibly small space
  • Fire Mountain attraction is still a thing
  • MK theater was going in Frontierland
  • there were going to be Haunted Mansion themed resort rooms


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