News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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It is incredibly disturbing how often the center screen/stargate goes down. I watched a live stream from last night and it's literally every other song - it was on until it was off for the Jungle Book sequence, then came back perfectly for Mulan, then was off for the Lion King sequence, then on again for BatB sequence and Coco sequence, then off for Princess and the Frog, then on for the finale. Bob probably thinks it's a feature - "Spontaneity! Come back tomorrow night and maybe it will be on for your favorite sequence!"

It will be interesting to see if any info on why it goes on and off so much during one show comes to light.
You weren't kidding. It was really inconsistent last night. With the projector issues I'm surprised they haven't had an arm shutdown on them yet.
You weren't kidding. It was really inconsistent last night. With the projector issues I'm surprised they haven't had an arm shutdown on them yet.
and tonight, it seemed to work fine all the way through (I say seemed because all live streams are not equal quality and viewing angles on the stargate are...not good, so it can be hard to tell sometimes)

From watching a lot of live streams, most people commenting seem to like it. People excited to see it in person. And word seems to be spreading that the best place to watch is between the Mexico and Canada between the Friendship docks and gift shops. I have a hard time believing that space isn't converted into a Genie+ experience for Harmonious (or even IA$ if the demand is strong enough)


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My quick 2cents since I finally saw it in person Tuesday night. Honestly, I enjoyed it and from a technology standpoint, it blew me away. I did cringe when I saw the live stream on premier night but this really does show better in person.

However, I do agree with nearly all of the criticism in here from music choice, volume, lack of cohesive story, IP invasion, poor transitions… I could go on and on lol. But somehow, it does work and IMO, isn’t nearly the hot mess that Enchanted is. What else is very telling is how crowded the park was leaving after close. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it like that yet alone on a Tuesday during the off-season. People seemed to genuinely like it. Going to try again tonight from a different vantage point if the weather holds up just to see if my opinion changes but overall, this isn’t as crazy of a disaster as I had originally thought 😀.

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If they just used the new EPCOT theme as an opener for the show instead of Moana/Hercules it would be 10x better. They used the theme in the finale for a few seconds. That's just my main nitpick. If they can't create a brand new song for this show then just use the EPCOT theme cause it's beautiful and gives you the feels.

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I might've missed this, but is there a reason fire wasn't incorporated into the show? I imagine it would've added a nice element that would've allowed the show to build on itself more.


Found this at this vid's comment section

here is a story to HarmonioUS. It's subtle but it's there. Illuminations storyline was also subtle but there was one, was there not? Anyway here's the whole story (4th time doing this 🤦🏾‍♂️) All around us the world is alive with music. Voices calling out in search of one another, we find each other in song.” Harmonious begins with a slow build up of different voices crying out in song. While no discernible lyrics are sang, we all connect with the music and understand it’s meaning to the greater story. This is because music is a universal language, and the power of Disney storytelling connects us all, worldwide, around the promise of a better tomorrow for all people aboard this Spaceship Earth. “I’ve been staring at the edge of the water long as I can remember, never really knowing why.” We then hear voices from around the world sing “How Far I’ll Go,” which epitomizes the fight against tyranny and speaks against those who wish to restrict others based upon who they are or where they come from. “If I go, there's just no telling how far I'll go.” “I will find my way if I can be strong. I know every mile would be worth my while, When I go the distance, I'll be right where I belong.” The end of Act 1 suggests that going the distance to fight for freedom is worth it. That standing up for the rights of one another, that seeing one another as human, that welcoming the future hand-in-hand is the only option we have at moving forward successfully. This beautifully sets up Act 2, where we first travel to the Middle East where proxy wars and terror has taken over the dreams of so many who wish to live free, democratic lives. I also loved the Hindi version of Jungle Book! “Now I'm the king of the swingers Oh, the jungle VIP I've reached the top and had to stop And that's what botherin' me I wanna be a man, mancub And stroll right into town And be just like the other men I'm tired of monkeyin' around!” We then travel to China, where the fight for freedom and democracy is repressed and silenced daily by the CCP. During this section, we hear a stunning rendition of Reflection in Mandarin: “There's a heart that must be free to fly, That burns with the need to know the reason why. Why must we all conceal what we think, how we feel?” We then travel to Africa and hear the incredible Ndlovu Youth Choir from Johannesburg sing a medley of favorites from “The Lion King,” performed in both English and Zulu. “Can you feel the love tonight?” We then travel to Europe and first encounter Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame — two stories of individuals who hide away from society because of how the world views them as different. (While no lyrics are sung during the Beauty and the Beast portion, I instantly thought of: “We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us… And this monster is mysterious at least.”) We get to hear a beautiful American/French version of Out There: “Out there, living in the sun Give me one day out there, all I ask is one To hold forever, out there Where they all live unaware What I'd give, what I'd dare Just to live one day out there!” This is a song that very much speaks to the desires of living outside of the shackles of tyranny and living in a free, democratic world where all people are respected — regardless of their differences. The Brave section then invokes the power of possibility: “I will ride, I will fly. Chase the wind and touch the sky” We then travel to Latin America, where so many families are divided as immigrants attempt to flee their impoverished situations to help send money back home to support their families. The Coco section beautifully captures this: “For this music is my language, and the world es mi familia.” And we end Act 2 with Tiana representing America: “When you find out who you are, You'll find out what you need, Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed.” I absolutely loved that Tiana represented America and the promise of opportunity that all people worldwide yearn for. Act 3 then begins with all of the voices we just heard singing “Someday” in English, but with their accents not being hidden. We hear the voices of the world unite around the song: “Someday when we are wiser, When the world's older, When we have learned. I pray someday we may yet live to live and let live. Someday life will be fairer, Need will be rarer, And greed will not pay. God speed this bright millennium on its way…And let it come someday” "You raise your voice and it’s enough to lift the human spirit. Set the song inside you soaring and the whole wide world will hear it." The show perfectly embodies what EPCOT and IllumiNations always stood for to me. That we can celebrate the future hand in hand as long as we see each other ALL as equally important passengers aboard this #SpaceshipEarth. “Wherever the world leads you next, we hope you carry a song with you and know that the promise of someday begins inside of you, today.”

What do you guys think?

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I only wish the show had more to do with the legacy of EPCOT and not just more of a Magic Kingdom show... Something more unique and special for this park...
That is what made Illuminations and the Millennium Celebrations so special...They were designed to fit into the fabric of this park... Not just more random cartoon songs. The tech is pretty. Overall is pretty amazing, but the content needs improving.
I would even prefer them go back to some of EPCOT's past themes like" We Go On"...
Just to have one theme for the park that is memorable.
I went on a whiskey-fueled rant about this the other night hanging out with some friends 😆. Epcot is a celebration of human achievement, and after experiencing the park all day Illuminations was a perfect continuation of that story which left telling you how you could “go on” and be a part of that journey.

Even HEA showed you that after a day of taking part the fantasy and wonder of the MK, you had the courage to fly and unlock your own magic - your own story was as special as those showcased in the park.

Maybe I am a sap but I do not get that vibe from Harm and Enchantment, though I’m still very excited to see them in person next month.


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The arms are really a head-scratcher. I think if we have to have them, they might be better without the edge you don't see the arms themselves, but can see the water/lighting/effects that they create. (Trying to picture this in my head and unsure whether I like it or hate it.)
I can't get this out of my head when I see them -


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I was thinking about Harmonious while I was getting ready for work this morning…..

What if after GOTG opens, they modify the show to add in a Disney song that is in Xandarian? It would further tie Harmonious in with the rest of the park….


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I was thinking about Harmonious while I was getting ready for work this morning…..

What if after GOTG opens, they modify the show to add in a Disney song that is in Xandarian? It would further tie Harmonious in with the rest of the park….
And then Peter Quill interrupts to teach them real Disney Earth music from that one time he visited Epcot and proceeds to get them to sing "Everyone Wants to be a Cat."


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How about the soundtrack to 'Epcot Forever' using these rigs.....?

EPCOT Forever was not using the original song sadly, like Harmonious now. They were only using "One Little Spark" at the opening and "A whole new World" for closing, which is more like Disney in the Stars in HKDL.

Too bad that EPCOT doesn't have true original theme song for firework shows post-ROE.

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