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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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It certainly isn't all that appealing but like @CastAStone said I have never really just sat and gazed at the view across the lagoon. I am sure it will hurt photopass backgrounds though.

If people can’t even value your views across the centerpiece of the park... with 11 pavilions presenting frontage to it.. Maybe disney should just start putting condos around the park instead a berm. No one looks at the berm right? What a waste of potential!


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I don’t believe so. What they showed in the concept/Epcot Experience appeared more RGB ish, well not changing colors, though that would be cool.
If you find a link I’ll have a look but don’t go out of your way

Edit - just seen it. Seems like a slowed down version of the effect from IllumiNations.
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Sight lines are a disney standard. Just like garbage cans every 30 feet etc.
It’s nothing about the past. It’s about present day standards.

Sorry but it’s laughable you’re trying to defend this absolute cluster.

“If this show impresses than to me it’s worth it.” Comments like this are why standards have dropped and why they think it’s okay. It is not okay. Not for Disney.
Less than two years ago, I took the World Showcase Tour. It was funny that as the Cast Member Tour Guide was pointing out how amazing it was that the Imagineers "hid" the Tower of Terror behind the Morocco pavilion, she missed the huge "Ratatouille" show building right next to it. It was the perfect example of how the standards have been lowered and Disney doesn't seem to notice or care anymore.


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It's amazing how many Disney fans praise details and tributes, but just throw up their arms and say "whatever" when it comes to physically large design choices.

Details and design are important at every scale.

And Disney buildings, gardens etc don't exist in isolation. How they relate to each other in a spatial sense matters too.
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