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Re-Do: Beyond Thunder Mountain concept (Encanto)

Native Territory

The land to the right of the New Frontierland would be reservation land. And themed to the land set aside for Native Americans, who lived in the Virginia region of the 13 original colonies. It will of course feature native princess Pocahontas as the central figure. It’s kind of a further extension of Frontierland because it will be set in the same time period, but will also transition well to Liberty Square. As an added bonus there will be a Pocahontas villa section at Disney’s River Country Resort to further honor her.


Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind
----- (boat ride, similar to frozen ever after)
----- (The attraction will feature the great music from the film like “Colors of the Wind”. It will try to capture the plight of the natives who first lived in America and tell the love story between Pocahontas and John Smith. Which blossomed despite being from different worlds and the tumultuous circumstances of the time period.)

poca 3.jpg

Meet and Greet with Pocahontas and her animal friends.
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I'm not sure about Pocahontas, because she's based on a real person. A lot of people have had a problem with the film since it came out. Because it seems to glorify the time period and also depart from the real life circumstances.

Movie wise there's probably a lot of others I'd prefer, but Music wise it's one of the best.


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I figured there were enough restaurants in Frontierland for both and that the Native Territory wouldn't need any. It's just a small section anyways, I wanted to save some space for the last land. Since it is going to be massive and occupy most of the back section.


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Re-Do: The backside of Magic Kingdom

This would be a northern expansion of Fantasyland, which is run by the villains. It would look like an evil version of the heroes section. More similar to what they’ve done with Disneyland’s Fantasyland, but with a less cheery color palette and tones. The town itself would look like a witch cast a curse upon it. Similar to what Salem, Massachusetts or many other New England towns looked like in the 1600’s.


Bald Mountain
----- (boat/rollercoaster, similar to seaworld’s journey to atlantis)
----- (The villains of Fantasyland have all gotten together to bring down the good princes and princesses. All of the ones in this ride also have their own attraction.)

Cruella’s Crazy Ride
----- (dark ride, similar to mister toads wild ride)
----- (For the first time you can be in the evil shoes of Cruella. as she zooms around town on the look out for our little spotted friends. you can hear her evil cackle and see her in reflections as you pass. in the end she nearly gets her wish, but unfortunately is thwarted by do gooders)

Maleficent’s Revenge
----- (rail suspended, similar to peter pan’s flight)
----- (you board maleficent in dragon form and search for aurora. along the way you set fire and destroy neighboring towns and forests. beginning and ending in maleficent’s home beneath the castle, similar to hogwarts castle in presentation. inside her cave where stalactites and stalagmites reside, green water bubbles and smoke emanates from neighboring pools)

Hades and the Underworld
----- (boat ride, similar to Pinocchio’s Daring Journey)
----- (You venture to the land of the dead where Hades reigns over them. In it he talks to Pain and Panic about his plans to bring down Hercules. Since it is from Hades perspective it paints Zeus and Hercules as the bad guys in a funny way.)

Dr Facilier’s Voodoo Bayou
----- (dark omnimover, similar to haunted mansion holiday)
----- (The sinister southern doctor shows you his friends on the other side. Would be more akin to Haunted Mansion Holiday than the original version. With effective glow in the dark effects.)

Oogie Boogie Woogie
----- (scrambler, similar to psychodrome)
----- (In this indoor version of the classic ride Oogie sends the rider spinning all around. Music plays with Oogie on lead vocals singing his greatest hits. Since it is dark in the building lighting effects will also play a vital part in the experience.)

The Evil Queen’s Broken Mirror
----- (music express, similar to the himalaya)
----- (The queen freaks out and breaks her mirror after it tells her she isn’t the fairest. She then tells everyone she will get Snow if it’s the last thing she does. Much like other versions of the carnival attraction goes forward and then backwards. So those who easily feel the effects of motion sickness should probably skip this one.)

Ursula’s Poor Unfortunate Souls
----- (magnetic powered dark ride, similar to pirates of the caribbean in shanghai)
----- (When she isn’t singing about her devious deeds Ursula is doing them. This attraction will of course put an emphasis on the seawitch and her evil minions.)


Be Our Prisoner (character dining)

Monstro (quick service)

Mirror on the Wall (walkup)

Raven’s Nest (walkup)


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Sounds look a great expansion idea!

Will it connect with the other lands in the northern region of the park?

Oh yeah, you'd be able to enter near the Native Territory.

I found some great entry points throughout Fantasyland as well, for easy access. The two others are right near Pinocchio's Village Haus and Ariel's Grotto. All that would need to be done is to add some spooky looking trees and maybe some background art or even stonework.


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Re-Do: Unused Back & Sides of the Magic Kingdom and the former River Country area

Frontierland, Haunted Mansion, Villains & Princesses, Space and Nature themed resorts

I think Magic Kingdom should have resorts with private park entrances, much like DCA has with The Grand Californian. It’s an easy money prospect, that eventually has to happen. Many of the lands at MK already have their resort equivalents (Main Street, Adventureland and Tomorrowland). Plus Fort Wilderness and even Wilderness is inspired loosely by Frontierland. Here’s a list of five more resorts I would add to the long list of Magic Kingdom Resorts.

Disney’s Wild West Resort (left side)

Disney’s Gravely Manor Resort (middle)

Disney’s Storybook Resort (with Dumbo Suites) (middle and right side)

Disney’s Interstellar Resort (right side and front)

Disney’s River Country Resort (with Pocahontas Suites) (near Fort Wilderness)
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Nice homage to River Country.

Certainly better then the Marriot hotel they had planned for the location, which has been relocated to Polynesian. Oi vey!

I was too young to have gone there, but it looks cool in the pics. They didn't seem to care as much about regulations back then though. hahaha The drops and cluster of tubes looked gnarly like that Action Park Water Park in New York... or New Jersey??? The one that got shut down because people died.

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I was too young to have gone there, but it looks cool in the pics. They didn't seem to care as much about regulations back then though. hahaha The drops and cluster of tubes looked gnarly like that Action Park Water Park in New York... or New Jersey??? The one that got shut down because people died.

LOL, yeah my dad told me about Action Park a.k.a. Class Action Park. He used to live in New York and go occasionally with his buds. He got a really bad skid rash on his left leg from going there. It was all out chaos, that was completely out of control. It looked like a middle school and high school took over the park and all the adults were gone.

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