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Progress City: Left Side

This area of the park will feel like a city that is completely inhabited by Robots and us humans are the visitors to their home. It has a similar setup to Main Street at MK, with a shop in the front and with a restaurant at the far end of it. A big difference from the old versions and new versions will be that these buildings will be expanded and made into 2 floors. To keep with the theming Advertisements will be all over the place trying to sell futuristic accessories like jet packs. Including in the front windows of the shops.


Re-Do: Creations Shop and Club Cool

Robo Chef

A quick service food location where your food is being made by talented culinary robots. The head chef of the group is Robo Chef. Whose now very well known for his glory days in the 1980’s and 90’s in the popular attraction “Horizons”. “He’s like the Wolfgang Puck of Robots”. Gadgets are all throughout the establishment like inventions and conveyor belts, the latter of which is used to transport your items.


Starbucks 3000

A new take on the popular franchise, that is very Jetson-like and futuristic. With specialty drinks and treats that are only at this particular location. This is also the home of Adam the Robot Coffee Barista. He is behind one of the counters and will have a strong New Jersey / Italian accent, to set him apart from the other bots.



Re-Do: Connections Eatery and Cafe

Innoventions (Left Side)

A retail location that highlights Epcot’s past attractions and exhibits. As well as the new World Discovery attractions. The whole 2nd floor will be used for even more retail space. While the host of the store is Robot Butler, who complains about always cleaning and picking up after humans. His accent will be very aristocratic, like Codsworth’s (from Fallout IV).


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Progress City: Center Section

Since this section is based on Communication and Time Travel there will be call backs to past characters, who fit with this subject matter. Plus we will finally get better usage of the location after the Spaceship Earth attraction. Gone are the irrelevant and often very dated games and in comes the much needed retail space.



Re-Do: Project Tomorrow


This feels like a no brainer with how attractions now usually funnel out into a store. This store would be right after the Spaceship Earth attraction and replace the activities area. With it’s addition we finally can purchase some Spaceship Earth merch like a “Thank the Phoenicians” t-shirt. You can also meet up with The Timekeeper and 9-eye in their NEW Time lab. Where they focus on… well time of course, time travel to be exact. Various gadgets will be laid out from famous geniuses, featuring this certain subject. … And because the Timekeeper was originally voiced by the late great Robin Williams, possibly the funniest human ever. The Timekeeper will remain hilarious and he will tell jokes and entertain the crowd.
My Redo: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Tiana’s Bayou Jubilee!​

In this new flat ride at Disneyland, located inbetween Pirates and Mansion, guests enter though A alleyway into the bayou, where Louis is having a family reunion, and Tiana, Naveen and Mama Odie are all celebrating! Using the Aquatopia ride system mixed with controllability like bumper cars, guests ride in alligators 🐊 and dance to ”Dig A little deeper ‘ by Odie herself atop her tree. This ride uses sets, animatronics, and the firefly effect first used in Pirates. This ride is a sword drawer and gives Tiana her own ride without replacing a classic experience!


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Progress City: Right Side

Travel around the front of the park will be made easier thanks to this brand new section. A long awaited and concepted attraction would make it’s debut. With new and old friends making an appearance in Epcot as well. Like the left side this too will be 2 floors allowing for much more space and access.




Re-Do: CommuniCore Hall and Plaza

Futureport Transport Station

The peoplemover concept would finally be used in this new version of Epcot. This would is a new version of the system though. It would utilize an open aired version of the ultra pods. A transportation vehicle used in various places, like Heathrow Airport. It will be located on the 2nd floor of the building, for easier boardings and be quite different than other park’s versions.

At the beginning of the attraction you will be welcomed by A.B.E. (Automatic Branch Engineer). He is a train conductor with a Jimmy Stewart-like voice in the Epic Mickey series. The transportation and attraction though will be narrated by Robo-Newz, who used to reside next to the peoplemover in MK. Now he’ll call World Discovery his home, though only in voice over and video footage.

He gives you the latest news in the city of Robots and also a tiny preview of what each pavilion has to offer. Your guided tour of the area would go through all of the attraction buildings in the front of the park. In between that the attraction would provide windows (a.k.a. screens) into the city, that will show a slew of flying cars. That are usually just seen in their garages in the center area of progress city. Actual robots and props will be showcased as well along your journey. Advertising the other possible ways to get around in the future, like flying motorbikes and suction tubes. Both of which have some hair-raising effects for humans like yourself.


Re-Do: Journey of Water with Moana

Innoventions (Right Side)

Another immense shop with merchandise for World Discovery. It will also continue to the second floor like it’s sister location, with the use of escalators and elevators to reach your destination. Another famous robot from the past is the host for this certain store. Smart 1, an intelligence robot greets and speaks to guests. And he loves showing off bringing up random facts, just to show how incredibly smart he really is.
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