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Ratatouille in Epcot


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I've posted it. Wanna spread the word.


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I would love to see the Ratatouille ride come to WDW... in DHS. I agree with others that it would be a much better location, both thematically and in terms of where it would benefit. DHS would massively benefit by adding a family friendly ride like that and would also be a good place to have the associated restaurant -- a nice sit down French place there would be a good addition. If TDO is considering adding Kitchen Calamity to WDW and not going to put it in DHS, well, I find that odd to say the least. I mean, unless all of Soundstage 1/Backlot Tour/LMA was all being already planned to be used for other attractions and it just wouldn't fit, then the rat should be put there somewhere.

That said, ignoring the better option and considering Ratatouille in France/Epcot in isolation on its own merits.... I'm on the fence. As I have said, I think WS desperately needs rides especially in that area of the park, so I'm definitely in favor of that. And Ratatouille wouldn't be my first choice for a ride theme, but I'm not one who thinks it is terrible. It's not anywhere near as bad as Frozen in Norway or even Donald and company in Mexico IMHO. Ratatouille is, like Nemo in the Seas (another one I don't have big problems with), is a real animal living in the real world -- as opposed to anthropomorphic animals living in some fictional world. There are restaurants in France and some probably have rats in them. And the movie celebrates French culinary cuisine. It's absolutely a stretch to add it to France, but it's not a big enough stretch that I'd lose sleep over it or be particularly bothered. I'm more offended by what they did to Imagination than adding this ride to Epcot.

I totally get the arguments against adding it to France. I'm sympathetic to them. I don't favor the idea in a vacuum and agree that Disney/TDO could and should do better. Hell, if they want to clone a ride but have it be a good thematic fit, just take the Matterhorn blueprints, shape the mountain like Mt. Fugi and add Godzilla instead of an Abominable Snowman. Or put the Sindbad ride in Morocco (okay, it's not really ideal for Morocco, but it is certainly the type of cultural as opposed to cartoony ride that would be great for WS).

But, honestly, I'm just not bothered by the idea of the Ratatouille ride. It wouldn't cheapen WS to me and still is French enough that I feel it would enhance the experience at the pavilion rather than take away. I think it would really be a boon to Epcot and would help to spread out the crowds. Hell, it might even get us some longer hours in WS, which I fully support.


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It does. An old school one.
Well, I'd be happy to see it. As I said, WS needs rides more than it needs new countries with just food and shops. Any construction in WS should be to add a ride IMHO, whether an addition to an existing pavilion or a new country.


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Uh...Please tell me your post may contain trace amounts of sarcasm... :confused:

If only there were a thematically better place in Walt Disney World to place such an attraction, maybe some sort of "Fantasy" land or something. Or, perhaps some sort of park devoted to movie themed attractions.
After spending the w/e at WDW, I have reached many new conclusions. Here's a biggie:

Disney isn't in the business of creating attractions for us fans. I know this may be a hard pill to swallow. They create attractions for the general public and a wide variety of interests. Disney fans like us make up a small percentage of their customers. When, at times, Disney does create attractions that we Disney fans love, we should be thankful and happy because they didn't have to do anything to cater to us, since the money they will make off of us alone is but a very insignificant drop in the bucket.

For example, today we went to see American Idol at DHS. It didn't appeal to me (thus my boredom caused me to focus on my camera rather than the show), but my sister loved it! She had so much fun that I didn't want to spoil that for her and I let her have the time of her life, happy that at least she was at least enjoying it. I also noticed that the room was full of people equally enjoying themselves. My sister likes Disney but she's not part of the community of fans, like I am. I suspect that those other in the room who were having such a good time, like my sister was, weren't part of the community of Disney fans as well.

It's okay for Disney to create attractions like American Idol, with an appeal to audiences other than the community of Disney fans. It's business.

Rat at EC will broaden the appeal of EC the same way the Nemo overlay of LS has. It will probably not win the approval of the community of Disney fans, like how the Nemo overlay hasn't won approval of hard core fans. But vocalize that disapproval to the kids who will love it and their parents who will share that experience.

This is a good business move, something the company desperately needs to do.

Magenta Panther

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It's representative of Norway's history and folklore. Perfect.

New rides: Good.
Wrong ride in the wrong place: Not so good.

I don't think the fan community is desperate enough (though close) to automatically endorse just any new attraction in Epcot.
Can't believe he said that about Maelstrom. "Maelstrom" itself is a Nordic word for heaven's sake.

It's representative of Norway's history and folklore. Perfect.

New rides: Good.
Wrong ride in the wrong place: Not so good.

I don't think the fan community is desperate enough (though close) to automatically endorse just any new attraction in Epcot.
This gets all my yes.


Once before when new World Showcase countries were rumored, it was mentioned it might mean the new addition taking the place of an existing country. Is that a danger here, or is this possibly a true addition?

(With the realization we're probably asking questions prematurely...)
Very premature. Or maybe too late. That art is at least four years old.
Details please:)


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I've heard rumbles of a few projects potentially being green lit for Epcot and DHS to start construction as soon as FY2015. The idea behind the France Pavilion receiving the attraction is to build upon the world showcase and it's offerings, F&B sales, and crowd distribution in the AM and early afternoon.

Epcot in General is your food and beverage capital, it's primary duty to the suits is to produce net profits through ridiculous margins on said F&B. So one idea is to get families into the World Showcase at rope drop via new attraction(s), new breakfast offerings, and earlier entertainment.

Long term though it seems that it's very possible we see Epcot get some much needed TLC. Soarin 2.0, Ratatouille, an update to Illuminations, and a Future World cosmetic update may come to make an effort to rebrand the long neglected cash cow that is Epcot. AKA Harry Potter has got them worried...

Also FWIW, I'm merely sharing what I've overheard in a impromptu conversation. I'm not trying to create waves here as I'm known for being on the Universal side of things but rather spark conversation. For those who may of read my material elsewhere they will tell you I'm not always right but I could care less if I am or not. I'm more interested in getting the creative juices flowing and having fun.
First, I'd like to thank HTF for at least starting a new and interesting conversation. Love the idea or hate it, this has been a far more interesting thread than most of the stuff on here since (sadly) there has been little of substance to actually discuss.

Second, I know @Lee has already commented on this thread, so I ask him and other insiders: Have you heard anything about this rumor? Does it have legs as a real possibility or is this more in the realm of just "being discussed" and is far from being greenlit or being seriously considered?

I've got to say that the logic that HTF brings up above makes sense to me. Bringing more people to that corner of the park earlier in the day/longer could easily be seen by TDO as a way to generate more revenue, as well as hopefully increase attendance in general with a new offering.


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Awesome post.

Although one could argue that all WS pavilions are ultimately American narratives about the countries they represent. WS France is a popular American 'story' about France, not a French story. WS showcases American popular culture, not French-German-Mexican.
You're definitely right and it is something that has always been in my mind when discussing this issue. I think though that an interpretation is different than just a setting. This is why I am still a little unsettled by characters who can clearly be described as being of a country's culture also being included in the respective pavilion. It is an additional layer of American interpretation that I think dances that line possibly a bit too much.


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Looks like the DVC backside of SDMT with a Jesus statue instead of a coaster. Neither are really the greatest concept art in the world, the actual area being built in WDSP is actually pretty nice.

Flesh out the current countries before building more. It's like the 5th gate mentality, that will only make the other "parks" or in this case countries worse by comparison as they are left to rot. So in this case Rat gets a pass for me.

If I were really being choosy, I'd pick the Fuji Coaster, Rhine River Cruise, Canada log flume ride and Rat before getting another country.

Next Big Thing

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Can we keep it more in Future World?

Seriously.... with the 6-9 months out of the year that is the drunkfests at Epcot, the last thing we need is attracting more children and exposing them to that environment.
You act as if kids don't tour WS with their parents while on vacation. You and I both know that isn't true.

It's not a strip club, it's adults drinking overpriced alcohol. If the environment is a little out of control sometimes, then that's what it is. I don't think all those kids minded when they ere waiting 5 hours for Anna and Elsa.
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