Ratatouille in Epcot


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Looks like Fitz is well on his way to restoring Epcot to it's former glory!


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Looks like Fitz is well on his way to restoring Epcot to it's former glory!
Uh...Please tell me your post may contain trace amounts of sarcasm... :confused:

If only there were a thematically better place in Walt Disney World to place such an attraction, maybe some sort of "Fantasy" land or something. Or, perhaps some sort of park devoted to movie themed attractions.


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FW needs this kind of investment first IMO. And I'd guess Paris secured the rights to the attraction for the foreseeable future. Again just a guess.

Might I suggest WDW build their own version of Hogwarts express type attraction that connects the France pavilion with DHS (just inside the entrance)?

Accesssible only to those with those most magical bands.

I guess I just did. Must have been a rhetorical question. And my answer is brilliant! :)
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Hobnail Boot

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Even though it would seem odd to have a Pixar ride in WS, this is something I can get behind if true. I only hope they don't mess with the current France pavilion too much to accomodate this. Also on the plus side, this would hopefully draw some of the heat off of Soarin' and TT.


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I know there are plenty of people who would argue that this isn't what World Showcase is about I.e. Disney characters in the pavillions. And for the most part I agree, but this is an idea that could potentially work. Ratatouille is all about French cuisine and would feature Parisian architecture - and of course; could give EPCOT a new e-ticket. It's not the worst idea.......is it? Or am I blinded by the lack of new attractions? I honestly don't know anymore :eek: Just build Hoth next to Morocco!!!!!!!! And a Na'vi M&G in Club Cool. And a Frozen bobsleigh coaster in Norway. What am I saying?!!!:banghead:
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Tom Morrow

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See, you know Epcot desperately needs new attractions when people are excited about this rumor when it would have been scoffed at by everyone years ago. I want new rides in Epcot as much as anyone else, but no cartoon, Disney or not, is appropriate for pavilions that are supposedly representing authentic culture. What would the French think of this? "You think so little of our country that you use one of your own cartoons to represent us"? Same thing with replacing Maelstrom with a Frozen ride. "Oh, I guess our culture and history isn't as important to you as your animated films."
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