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POTC parrot?


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I know this was removed in 2006 but does anyone know why?



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Maybe it just weathered and didnt look good anymore.:confused: It does look a bit tacky for disney.:rolleyes: :):animwink:;)

Master Yoda

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From my understanding he did not really fit in with the story that was being added to POTC. You can still see him at WoD.


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Last time I was at WOD, maybe a few weeks ago, he had been removed and the layout of the boy's room had been changed slightly. That whole middle fixture was replaced. Not sure if he has been brought back, but as far as I know he is gone.


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Yeah it has. Tho old theme was considerably more jovial. Since the refurb the attraction has taken on a much more serious and dramatic feel.

Seriously? The bulk of the additions are Jack Sparrow AAs -- a character who more or less served as the comedic relief in the PoC films. Aside from the waterfall effect, the bulk of the ride, especially at WDW, is a bunch of goofy drunken pirates and animals singing Yo Ho, Yo Ho.

I'm pretty sure we've still got a talking parrot out here at DL at the entrance too, so I'm not buyin' that story...

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