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Rumor Pixar's Coco coming to the Mexico Pavilion


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I wonder if where the ride is might have affected it. It has a rather long queue, but once you get past that (we know how new rides are, plus it probably wouldn't be too high capacity) you are in a store/restaurant. So I wonder if a new popular ride would fit well in that space.


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I wonder if it has anything to do with Coco's relation to dias de los muertos. It's a big seasonal opportunity. Why spend big on a redo when you could have something small like a little Coco festival at the Mexico pavillion sweetening the holiday offerings.

They could do an even cheaper temporary overlay of the boat ride but by doing it seasonally, it theoretically becomes more special and more of a draw. I'd bet Haunted Mansion Holiday wouldn't cause so much buzz and sell so much merch at DL if it were a permanent replacement to the regular Haunted Mansion.

And they'd get to say that they are 'preserving' 3 Cabs for the fans this way. :rolleyes:
I think Epcot is already running out of room for festivals.


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Were the Muertos Mirrors ever finalized and activated? Or were they also put on hold with the rest of the Coco overlay?
Not sure... one of the blogs posted about a week ago detailed pics of that front of pavilion museum and had detailed pics of everything, but the Muertos Mirrors. I doubt he would have skipped them if they were working.


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Why for... do we put credence into what he says any longer? He used to be a good, reliable source. But in the last few years he's been out over his skis.
For what is worth it, MansionButler, a credible & reliable source, said that they are revisiting it...
I’ve heard they are “revisiting” Coco. It seems someone has realized WS is part of a theme park, not just a festival expo center. I’ve even heard they plan to dial back festivals. I’ll believe THAT when I see it.
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