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Sorry to bump an "over 2 years old" thread - but I'm sure some people have more great poses---any new ones out there! I'm going in 3 weeks and I'd love to try out these and any new ones!


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A pic of me in Mexico at WS.

DH waiting for a bus to Hollywood!

I'm being swished in reverse!

I'll try not to biff it and getting myself killed in Episode 6.


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Funny that this thread would pop up now. I'm in the process of writing a blog post for a photography site that deals, in part, with unique poses! A lot of funny stuff here, everyone!


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Oh wow. I didn't realize this was a thread bump until the person above mentioned it. I've got a bunch, but can never figure out how to post pics on this site.

Here's a list off the top of my head...

-Head in the stocks in Liberty Square
-Singing in the Rain in DHS (behind Muppets 3D0
-Being crushed by the giant robot foot outside Star Tours (sorry Star Wars fans...I have no clue what that giant robot is actually called)
-Sword in the Stone
-Sitting on the bench with Roy Disney and Minnie at the entrance of MK
-Posing with the ogre (or whatever that is) in the Norway gift shop in EPCOT
-A whole slew of funny ride pics

Perhaps I'll figure out how to get them posted some day.

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