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PHOTOS - Disney reveals new lobby design and Trader Sam's lounge for the Polynesian

Little Green Men

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It looks like you can now see Cinderella Castle through the lobby:



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You mean the Lifestylers, They will be there for a while while Disney does it's social media W----fest but I can't imagine the average basement dwelling Lifestyler wearing an Oswald T-shirt and cargo shorts picking up the bar tab after that ends.
What is a lifestyler? Is this some sort of group straight out of a high school?


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Sorry if I missed it in the thread(its a voluminous one), but has there been an announcement for Trader Sam's opening? I've been to the one in Disneyland a few times and would be keen on seeing this version.


No official date, but definitely coming, most likely by Summer if not Spring


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Cant remember who said it, but if it is mold, its the same smell in POTC and Disney doesnt seem very concerned about people suffering from mold there.

"That smell" is usually from the "smoke machines" that mist water... I don't recall the Poly having that effect anywhere, but probably similar from the recirculating water. Either way - it's from the water... Which is now gone, gone, gone from the lobby. :(


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Cant remember who said it, but if it is mold, its the same smell in POTC and Disney doesnt seem very concerned about people suffering from mold there.
There is quite a difference between spending 10 minutes exposed to it in PoTC and actually staying overnight in a resort and be exposed to it all that time.

Next Big Thing

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Having been to the Poly recently and taken a bit of time to gather my thoughts, I thought i'd add a few personal thoughts:

- The new "fountain" is embarrassing compared to most any fountain, nevermind the grand one it replaced
- The Poly "smell" is gone
- The red cushions actually fit in nicely in person. The go well with the nice carpet.
- I like the openness, tiki lamps and the new lights from the ceiling.

Overall, I personally am a bit torn in half on my thoughts about it. There's features I really enjoy about it now and I prefer open spaces when it comes to lobbies/general room design. I never had any sort of big attachment to the old fountain, so i'm not as torn up about the loss of the fountain, but those that did love it will obviously hate this.

Everything said and even my mixed feelings, NOTHING in the current lobby can replace the grandness of the old fountain.


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We should be grateful that Disney didn't throw in a movie overlay on this renovation, imagine the Frozen Tiki.

Actually, that sounds like a pretty good drink. :hungry:


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You know, it's been months since I've really checked anything out on this site, mostly because the attention I've paid to Disney parks has been at other resorts because of my frustrations with WDW. So I come back to see:

A Sunglass Hut (?!?!?!!?!?!?) taking the place of a unique merch shop in adventureland.

Dollar squeezing in the form of probable bar/premium viewing area in AK under the cover of "Flame Tree Improvements".

Malestrom gone.

Further mess with NextGen, with lines as long as they've ever been.

The neutering of the Poly lobby complete...

Sounds like more of the same.

Carry on.

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