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News Paradise Pier Becoming Pixar Pier


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Disney Park fanboys aren't too dissimilar to most other kinds of fanboys. The only difference is that they aren't as ruthlessly mocked, just due to how niche the theme park fandom is.
Amusement park fans and their varieties have an odd tradition of self hatred. There are whole sections of the fan-base that openly mock fans who don’t openly proclaim parks as silly, childish amusements.


Any chance they can fit another dark ride in the backstage area by TSMM?

Additionally, in the long term, how does Pixar Pier co-exist with the Paradise Gardens/TLM area? When there was a more cohesive Victorian Seaside era theme for the whole area I was hoping they might be able to squeeze a Mystic Manor style ride into the Goofy Sky School + restaurants plot as that’s been a rumored pad for expansion for some time.

The new theme just doesn’t have any sense of place or cohesion.


I don't disagree in the slightest, it's just frustrating because the huge redevelopment at least laid out a trajectory for some sense of romance:

With the DCA 2.0 redevelopment it at least seemed to me that we might have some semblance of the time and place that contributes to that feeling of being transported somewhere else that you can only get in a theme park

1910s era seaside Victorian pier

1920s Los Angeles & Golden Age Hollywoodland

1930s WPA National Parks

1950/60s Route 66

^ obviously it wasn't completely executed - but I thought things were at least moving in the right direction. Now that seems to be out the window...Pixar Pier and Avengers Campus just seem like a mall of attractions. Are the days of cohesive thematic lands outside of a single IP behind us?
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I went to DCA recently and saw Pixar Pier in person for the first time. It was cute, nothing spectacular considering I've seen the majority of it already. Incredicoaster was fun but theres def some improvements that could be made. Hopefully they'll think about making the story not revolve around Jack Jack at some point. Would much rather it be about a villain or something and not meta.

Side Note: now that there seems to be no turning back from Pixar Pier I would like a Monsters Inc themed spookhouse
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