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New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL


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That menu has corn on the cob then says "grilled street corn" in smaller print underneath it.

I assume that means it's actually grilled street corn, but while that is technically still corn on the cob, it's not what most people would think of -- especially at a southern BBQ restaurant. I wouldn't be surprised if they get complaints about that.

I'm not saying they should get complaints considering the "grilled street corn" is right there on the menu, but we all know people don't pay that much attention and then complain.


President of Animal Kingdom
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Betting now that servers "Freezing in place" won't last long as the average Disney family won't wait for them to put the cup down and people shuffle by as they hold full trays of food to be served.
The video shows that the audio gives them warning to get to a safe place to freeze.


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😆 Have you ever been a server in a busy family restaurant? I have. There is no such thing as being given time to get to a safe place unless you're talking about running to hide in the kitchen.
I worked at a movie theater for a year between other jobs. Our place was the big walk in freezer in the storage room. Great place to cool down and was sound proof too so you could vent and cuss out all the stupid people as much as you wanted.

Eric Graham

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We have upcoming reservations for this restaurant. I have high hopes. USA Today has given the brisket very good reviews and that it brings up a lot of nostalgia. One of my favorite Disney movies is Toy Story.


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Here's the updated art for Roundup Rodeo BBQ on the digital map.


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