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News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life


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Rat is sooner. GotG is later. (late 2022?)

Epcot also needs SSE upgraded.
Epcot also needs more shade and places where people can get out of the weather.
Epcot also needs Play! to open.
Epcot needs a lot. They add one thing, and remove two others.
I'll be in WDW in June 2022. Hopefully GotG is running by that time otherwise not sure I have much interest in going back to Epcot in it's current form


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so it looks like Rat, Space 220, and some of the new communicore building will all be opening up in like a month or 2, so thats pretty cool!
hopefully the popcorn stand as well.


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I thought everything had already been fabricated? Or am I misremembering?
Everything has already been fabricated. Interior construction has progressed a lot. They're still actively advertising it in the experience center and on construction walls. It's not dead, just on hold until it's appropriate to open an indoor playground again.


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They need to get stuff open. Epcot was beyond sad today as a park overall. Food and Wine was great when a cart was open but overall that was even lacking.

this park needs attention and needs it fast just get stuff done stop saving money and put a rush in it!!!
What ARE they going to do for Food and Wine when it opens this fall? They no longer have a place for the classes and programs for Food and Wine with PLAY! under construction....and they tore down the other location they used to use (Communicore West)... They need World Showplace tent pre-set for the Saturday night parties that run throughout the festival....


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With all of the time that has passed since the project announcement, technology has evolved, and the pandemic has brought to life some hurdles that WDI wasn't planning for. Fabrication is one thing for sets, but digital assets can continue to be updated and changed. At this point I doubt PLAY! will be exactly as WDI had originally envisioned it.

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