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News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life


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Might I address a post where I had predicted this in the Vannellope Ralph M&G post..

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Would be nice if the Zootopia simulator attraction for Shanghai could make it here. Not sure how much room it would need, but there was a simulator ride in this building before.
Has there been any indication the Zootopia attraction will be a simulator?

As far as I know nothing in that regard has been announced.


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Now it’s “out”....

The interior will be one huge IP driven playground. I’m aware of three core IPs. If all goes to plan one forum member in particular will be happy. Don’t think attractions as such. More like environments. Expect F&B to be added too. And digital interaction. Work should begin before the fall.
Strikes me as a solid add for many families — not mine, but I’m still happy to see it.


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