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News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life


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Any insiders know if the current "plans" utilize the Cranium Command and Body Wars section of this building or are these areas left untouched for potential future rides/shows?
Similarly interested in this. Obviously both places have been urbex'd to death in the last few years, so it will be curious to see what happens next whether they're used or not. It's so much space that's basically been storage for the last 12 years. It'd be weird to lop them off the building like an appendix, but if we're not getting any true "attractions", that's what that space was designed for.

I'm also curious if they just don't have a Festival Center anymore going forward for F&G/F&W; if they use Odyssey, World Showplace, or something entirely different.


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When I first read this I was actually pretty excited, because it makes me think of Old Epcot - Communicore/Innoventions, actual pavilions and not just attractions etc. I have to admit I'm glad that this seems to not just be my way of thinking after reading this thread.

From a logical standpoint this makes a lot of sense too. With Guardians, MS and Test Track aimed towards the older crowd, this is going to be a place for young kids to go and play. Last year with my 3 yo we just skipped this whole side of Epcot because she couldn't do anything


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Is that what's her name from Aristocats? The white kitty that meets (or used to) at the front of MK sometimes.

That would be Marie


Disney Maddux

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Now it’s “out”....

The interior will be one huge IP driven playground. I’m aware of three core IPs. If all goes to plan one forum member in particular will be happy. Don’t think attractions as such. More like environments. Expect F&B to be added too. And digital interaction. Work should begin before the fall.
Happy is an understatement right now.


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This looks pretty cool, but I wish there was an actual attraction in it other than interactive experiences.

Now to watch the Disney Fanbase to trash this because "it's IP."
No reason to complain. It’s going to be well done and gets the characters out of random, awkward locations scattered throughout the park. Epcot in its current state has less for kids than when it opened. At least none of the attractions had minimum height requirements before Body Wars.

This is a good use of the space.

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