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News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life


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Precisely. It’s being gutted, so demo work on the inside. Think WoM to Test Track except there’s not gonna be a ride
It's not like there's much inside of WoL to begin with 😂

Comparing the "demolition" of the inside of a now-unthemed shopping/showcase space to the actual demolition of the interior of a dark ride is a bit of a silly position to take.

Heck, I'd consider the demolition of the interior of Innoventions a much more serious project than taking down a bunch of pastel signs and oddly placed theaters/stages.

Casper Gutman

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Yes, classic EPCOT is dead and it’s not coming back, because no modern entertainment corporation is going to sink billions into a park that expleciticly addresses how the world is and how it should be. That’s done. It doesn’t mean we should ever stop complaining because it’s a travesty, but it’s done.

IPs will be central to almost everything going forward. That’s a fundamental truth of every aspect of the modern entertainment industry. And that doesn’t have to be bad. Disney has a wealth of great IPs it is actually underutilizing that can be implemented in very clever ways. We need to accept IP domination, and that isn’t terrible.


EPCOT in general and FW in particular needs a new, explicit, coherent theme that does more then attempt to leverage the facades of the past for nostalgia money. It needs a theme that clearly differentiates it from the other three parks. It needs attractions that interest every age groups and don’t condescend to any of them. It does not need brief contentless thrill rides that kids can’t ride or endless meet-and-greets with costumed college students that bore adults to tears. And the new, emergent EPCOT needs intelligent vision, wit, and clear thematic goals - Disney Magic.

The Play Pavilion fails on every count.

It exacerbates the muddle of thematic confusion in FW, obscures differences from WDWs other parks, offers things for only one age group and talks down to them in the process, and demonstrates very little creativity. It is a continuation of the mindset that has driven EPCOT downward since the mid-90s.

I wish the first thing Disney had announced as part of this roll-out was the new, grand organizing principle for EPCOT. Maybe the plans for Imagination and the Spine will compensate for this start. But this opening salvo raises doubts that such a unifying vision exists.


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Any insiders know if the current "plans" utilize the Cranium Command and Body Wars section of this building or are these areas left untouched for potential future rides/shows?
I'm not certain, but I believe that the new offering will not use those spaces and it will all be contained under the dome in the current festival spaces.


I'm probably in the minority on this, but I don't think the original mission of EPCOT would really work today, even if updated. Particularly the 'educate' part.

When EPCOT first opened, there was no Internet. Information wasn't nearly as easy to get a hold of. Today, any curiosity about a particular topic can be satisfied via a quick Google search. I can watch a seemingly infinite number of youtube videos on the creation of the seas, etc.

In a way, EPCOT's inspirational view of the future has come to pass, which, somewhat ironically, has resulted in it's own diminished relevancy.

erasure fan1

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Exactly, having this type of stuff self-contained into its own little corner of the park is one of the best parts of this announcement, as it will hopefully allow the rest of the park to have a more consistent theme. Even if you don’t intend on ever stepping foot in here, I don’t know how you can’t see this as a net positive for the park.
I kind of read this as the opposite. I took it as this is just the start of the ip takeover of the park. I just don't see them limiting it to just one spot of the park.


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They could’ve easily redone Wonders, maybe not even with a Health theme, but the structure was there. This is senseless and unnecessary demolition.
Could have done a Weather Pavilion with TDS Stormchaser ride for Body Wars..

It is being redone without a health theme. And it’s not being demolished.
There was a post a few years ago that there was demolition in WoL but, from looking at the building you couldn't tell what they did...Imagineers set to demo part of WOL pavilion.. It was however for removal of the body wars vehicles and displays around the pavilion..
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"Play pavilion" more like MK pavilion.
AKA Epcots Mall Playground....With Dancing and M&G's

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