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Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot


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Still on track for next summer I believe.

What should our expectations be? I know you can't say much. Still IP? (edit: saw you answered the IP question already and Magic Feather gave a little hint)

I take it we can probably thank Star Wars Land next year for a new night show and Rat (i know it's not due to open next year but i assume a lot of this building is because of expected crowds) ...


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Is there any truth to there being an "interim" show performing before the new version of IllumiNations debuts?
The dates I gave for the new big nighttime show stand still. In addition to what Steve said above.
So this is likely going to be something they trot out next year before the new rides at DHS, right?
Possibly sooner. In part.
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But, we got Jungle Book because of ROL Problems. Is Epcot having problems too? Granted not the same thing as we had a date for ROL and no date for this.
Disneyland has done interim shows in the past as well.

It wouldn’t surprise me. Much of the ROE infrastructure may need refurbishment work. The MaxiBarges for example have been running for 30 years. If they are planning on being used for the new show I could see some significant work being necessary.

Maybe an interim show that relies on the specialty tag barges while the rest are refurbed and refitted.

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