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Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot


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Times change and so do both the guests and the executives who make the calls. Many guests now simply don't grasp today, what the intention of EPCOT was. I loved it for what it was, but the cat was let out of the bag a long time ago regarding the thematic drift, and with all the Executive changes over the years, it's not going back. So, I find aspects that I'm good with, and enjoy that now. Admittedly, after having been to EPCOT many, many times over the years, even I agree with some change as that park can get really hot and you can only shop the same stores and dine the same dining so many times. I believe that's why the festivals are so popular....the food & drink is a change and something different. If some IP can be done without wrecking the general feel of the park, so be it. Something new to do. After all, Ratatouille in France is not out in the open, it's in the back. Nor are the changes in Norway, as they are in dark attraction. At this point, that park will never be what it was, but it also won't be a Magic Kingdom either, so I throw in the towel and am waiting to witness the changes.


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Yep. The problem is many of those who make decisions (including this one) don’t understand the differences between the parks.
And unfortunately, a lot of newer fans don't either what with discourse like "They should turn Rivers of Light into a Moana show or a recreation of the coronation ceremony from Black Panther" popping up or a YouTuber with a large following making a video about Figment and asking why a DIsney park would ever prominently feature a character that doesn't star in a movie or television show.
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