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Rumor Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents

The Empress Lilly

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Could you imagine a Hall of British Prime Ministers or Hall of British Princes?


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I still wish they‘d just remake Song of the South and remove the icky parts. Thank goodness they are doing that to Peter Pan instead of just canceling him.
The answer to the Song of the South problem has always seemed pretty obvious to me. Just trying to bury it and acting like it never existed isn't the answer. Replacing a ride based on African American folklore with one based on German folklore with a black princess inserted, certainly isn't the answer. The answer as you suggested is to do a new movie based on the characters and the folklore. You put Whoopi Goldberg in charge of the project with a great African American screenwriter.


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Whoopi is just unlikable. Needs to be someone else. Kerry Washington maybe?
Being likable has nothing to do with her serving in an exec producer role which she has done on other Disney films. She is a Disney Legend that has spoken up about not burying the Song of the South. She is perfect for the role of shepherding the project and giving it credibility. I am not talking about the project being a star vehicle for her.


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Instead of the Muppets... how about these guys? Kinda "Presidential" already. If you're going to update a "classic ride" use "classic characters". If you're going to restore a "classic car" use "period correct parts" make the kiddies happy and make the cranky old guys happy too

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I think Disney wants to bury America Sings just as much as Song of the South.

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