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Rumor Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents


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This is my generally my take as well. I mean, I'd prefer the current setup only minus the sitting president speaking, but I could accept this if well done. I could easily see an attraction that is reverent of the position of President while being entertaining for the masses.

That said, if they do this, they need to bring back the Muppets show outside the attraction. Not only was it decent, but it would really tie things together.

As an aside, it is interesting/odd if the two most "American" areas of Liberty Sq and American Adventure both feature the Muppets.
Muppets show outside? That costs cash my dude....you got TWDC confused with somebody else? But i agree that would add to the impact...


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Well... this is certainly interesting. I’m can’t say I’m entirely against or for this, honestly I’m just interested to see what happens here. All I hope is that Lincoln remains at DLR, and AA remains at Epcot.
yeah but for how much longer, this is chapekworld now and chapekcot, I dont think it will be long before it too is completely changed into ip whatever mess.


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Muppets do not deserve more...they keep trying to shove them down the consumers throat.

They are fringe and that’s ok
Great Gatsby going into the public domain at the start of the month immediately caused the Muppets to trend huge on Twitter because people wanted Muppet Great Gatsby, not to mention people wanting more Muppet adaptations of things in general. Obviously it'd be nice if they could do original material, but the general consumer sentiment towards the Muppets seems to be that Disney doesn't use them enough or that the stuff they have been doing just seems to be throwing things at the wall trying to get them to stick.


Honestly, Hall of Presidents is problematic given the current political climate
It's not the attraction that's problematic, it's the people who cannot appreciate what it stands for, which is anything but divisive or resembling the current political climate. Love 'em or hate 'em, it took all leaders depicted on stage to keep this country moving... flaws and all.

That's what the attraction represented throughout the years. That's what's going away unfortunately. So here we are. It is what it is.

And my disliking of this idea is held by no animosity toward the Muppets.
Would love a proper Muppets land at DHS, complete with a dark ride the franchise deserves. But again, it is what it is.


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Looking how accessible “Muppet Christmas Carol” makes that story, and the history of muppets existing in the human world I think this could actually be great! Keep American Adventure serious in tone and let this be more fun and take out the politics.
Dickens’ story is one of the most classic and adapted stories in all of literature. It is pretty accessible as is, Muppets or not.


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I understand the concern, but I think this could be great. The Muppets are perfectly capable of being entertaining, educational, and earnestly patriotic, which is what I think this show needs.

The built in wackiness from the Muppets will give Disney a lot of extra leeway. Trying to make something that is earnestly patriotic and serious is just too hard at this point.

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