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Al Lutz wrote that Disneyland is developing a Phase 2 to DCA and it includes a Monsters Inc. mini-land replacing part of the Hollywood section with a new door coaster and a new facade and enhancements to the dark ride there.

So I thought since TDO only likes to clone successes, if this happens (and becomes a success) are our chances for a door-coaster growing?

Here's a link to the Al Lutz article (I know that it was posted in another thread but it might be useful to have in here for future reference as well)

MiceChat said:

This extraordinary and long-term change in attendance and interest in DCA is now forcing Team Disney Anaheim and Burbank to rethink their plans for Anaheim’s second gate. There had always been a “Phase Two” plan for DCA’s makeover, but then Imagineering is infamous for having second phase projects which never get completed. The second phase for any theme park project usually consists of additional ideas that didn’t get funded in the first phase, or any small pet projects that key Imagineers may have cooked up during the Blue Sky phase. But Team Disney Anaheim’s sharp pencil boys had assumed that after Cars Land opened they would turn their attention back to Disneyland and green light one of the two major expansion plans that we’ve told you about in the past; either the expansion of Frontierland north of Big Thunder Mountain, or the expansion of Tomorrowland on its eastern flanks.

But instead of working on Disneyland next, TDA is now seriously considering an additional E Ticket thrill ride and new themed placemaking for DCA in the next few years. Taking a concept originally cooked up a few years ago for Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida, there’s now a very serious proposal to tear out the MuppetVision and Stage 17 buildings in the back of DCA’s HollywoodLand area and build a Monsters Inc. mini-land there. An all new roller coaster thrill ride would be installed in that corner, themed to the cavernous Door Hangar scene in the Monsters Inc. movie. The popular Monsters Inc. dark ride nearby would remain, although the façade of that building would get a dramatic upgrade as that entire area would be transformed into a fully realized Monstropolis environment. The open space in front of these two Monster Inc. rides, the family dark ride and the thrill ride Door Coaster, would remain to be used as the location for DCA’s popular evening dance parties. The cheap “studio backlot” theme of this area would be removed entirely, and the backside of the Hollywood Blvd. facades would be built out and repurposed as new dining and merchandise locations. The old Hollywood and Dine food court in the eastern corner would be totally reworked as an indoor “flex space” to replace the loss of the Stage 17 building currently used for special events.

The thinking behind this sudden change in plans is not so much to keep up the stunning momentum at DCA, but mainly to prevent overcrowding in the years ahead. Although it would be possible for DCA and the entire Resort to coast on the Cars Land success for the next half decade before the next major attraction project got underway (which is exactly the type of business model they use for WDW), TDA now realizes that what DCA will quickly need is additional ride capacity. The attendance gains are so large that the mythical Phase Two that WDI always has tucked away is now actually needed from a hard-nosed business standpoint. WDI had shopped the Monsters Inc. “Door Coaster” to Team Disney Orlando over five years ago, but got a cool reception from that executive team who is notoriously unenthusiastic about building new rides. But turning the rather homely and bland corner of DCA’s HollywoodLand area into a Monstropolis mini-land is now the goal of many TDA and WDI executives.

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You'd better. I read the cool super fan article you linked to a while back. If you didn't have a pass, I'd be contacting someone right away.

LOL, this is actually my first year as an AP! Before then, my uncle was signing me in and I was going for free. Then I worked at the park for a few months as a CP. After that, I was tired of asking my uncle all the time, so I decided to be an adult and buy my own pass. It cost me an arm and a leg, but it was worth it.


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I have two theories as to why Soarin' Over California isn't as popular...

Soarin' Over California is an opening day attraction for DCA. It was one of the very few good rides at DCA, and so lines were always long. Some people would ride Soarin' Over California multiple times, then head on over to Disneyland. I did that many times, as that ride, Mullholland Madness (now known as Goofy's Sky School) and maybe two other rides were the only ones I actually liked at DCA. Riding one ride multiple times in a boring park gets old. DCA isn't boring anymore, but what's done is done for Soarin' Over California.

My other theory is we Californians can visit these destinations anytime we want, since we live in California. It's not that exciting to see Los Angeles in the video when I live smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles. Same goes for some of the other places in the video.
Is a new Soarin film on the way to any of the parks? I saw a rumor the SDL will be getting a Soarin Over the World


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The only reason it has long lines is because there are only about 2 other rides in the park you can take the whole family on, star tours and the great movie ride. My 3 year old cant ride rock n rollercoaster and tower of terror and the great movie ride terrifies him because of the predator and western scene. So the only 2 ride options we really have at that park is tsmm and star tours. Backlot is not worth it at all, and the shows are really redundant. Dhs needs the biggest overhaul of all the disney parks imo. They need a buttload of family rides added.

I absolutely agree with you that DHS needs more rides...especially family geared rides. But I dont think its accurate to say thats the only reason TSMM has long lines.

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