Mission:Space update (confirmed)


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Disney expecting people to have plans made so far out when they do not is ridiculous.
They plan far out, just don't announce far out, and I agree it is unacceptable.

Even more egregious are the DHS fireworks schedules. You have to plan the entire day over where you plan to be at night. If I want to book a sit-down at DHS before fireworks to avoid the cat food they serve at all of the QSRs, I have to book one and cross my fingers that they actually announce fireworks for that night 4 weeks out from my trip. By that point, it'll be too late to get a replacement ADR at Sci Fi or 50s.


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There's a chance MS could be done and dusted before Splash.

The ride bit anyway.

Is this refurb/upgrade/whatever we are calling a significant one that will take a good deal of time? Or is this one considered one of the smaller ones considering some of the other things that are supposedly happening in Epcot?

Also, for a more general question, when a pavilion is being refurbed such as this one is, will the facade be included? Or is it mainly the ride and queue? I ask this because I assume the change that is rumored to be happening to the Energy Pavilion will presumably require cosmetic changes to the exterior of the structure, aside from a brand new ride mechanism/queue/etc.


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Last I heard, lots of backstage stuff will be moved along Caribbean Way in prep for future projects. Keep in mind that this isn't "just" behind Splash either.
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Both Splash Mountain and Mission Space are being considered for Guardians of the Galaxy overlays, in addition to Tower of Terror, it's a small world, Space Mountain and Rock n' Rollercoaster. I've also heard whispers that Guardians will make an appearance in Rivers of Light by 2021. Star Tours is also a candidate for Guardians once SWL is constructed. But all of this can only happen if they don't go through with the Guardians of the Galaxy 5th gate.

I've said too much.


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