News Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2023


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Anyone try the new foods, how are they?

We got a few things. The Mmmummy wrap from Cheshire Cat was really good. The Hades Cone was good and had some legit spice to it. I liked the poptart thing. My wife got the char su wings from Sleepy Hallow and said they were good but needed to be amped up more


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The 6pm Tron VQ drop lasted for ~23 mins for tonight's party.

For comparison to the usual 6pm drop during EEH on Wednesday evenings and the last recent parties on Sunday (9/10) and Tuesday (9/12):

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When I was at the Party this past Sunday night, I saw some folks carrying around those ā€˜Nightmareā€™ popcorn buckets.
I noticed them because that were lit up, glowing red, which I thought was a cool touch.

I read somewhere that these were gone by the Tuesday night party.
Not sure how true that is, but if these are now being said to be officially sold out for the season then that is amazing.
A shame for those who have yet to have been to the Party this year, however.



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It is frustrating that those who pay more for tickets (the later the date the more expensive the ticket) get less access to merch. I was under the impression that WDW was capping merch sales/stock per party but this must not mean popcorn bucketsā€¦ womp.


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Any reason as to why the drops are kinda long now? I mean before they were out in seconds.

Possibly locals who were using the party nights as a low crowd night. Since the prices are ramping up quickly, the mix is probably increasingly towards people who are there specifically for the party.


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Sorry if this has been asked, but are the sold out nights more manageable than they were precovid? I remember attending a party in 2019 and vowing to never return.

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