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Mickey's Mix Magic - New Firework Show 2019


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I personally feel meh about the show, but what really made me upset is a couple of the songs used are remixes straight from YouTube. It's kind of embarrassing that they weren't really original with the songs.

Here are the links to two of the songs that they use:
Aladdin Remix - www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7eKmwGJo_I
I Wanna Be Like You The Jungle Book Remix - www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1vQMIisJuc
The two remixes you shared sound nothing like the versions used in Mickey's Mix Magic. The Aladdin one is completely different, and while Jungle Book is similar- it's got a distinctly different beat.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Ismael Flores

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RDCT did play before/after Pixar Fest in 2018.

Doesn't look like it happened yet but, if DL gets major bad reviews of MMM, might they turn into a Projection show like MM&Y and bring back RDCT?

I'm surprised DL isn't planning a SW Spectacular in honor of SWGE.

you know aftwr seeing this i rather have a Star wars themed firework and projection show to help with the coming star wars fan crowds. If sone right it might work.
I remember what they dis with ElecTRONica at DCA with the whole bike projections in Holkywood and the mini show that started in the aun plaza.

The music mixes in this show really seems off to the point that if is almost annoying.


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For a temporary show, it's not half bad, it probably looks better in person. Times are changing, and so is Disney so hoorah for that, but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I can't nag everyone down for disliking it.
Why should it being temporary mean a compromise in quality? Every show should be designed with the intent that it could be permanent.

For comparison- the original Fantasmic was supposed to be "temporary" with a 5 year run- that of course got extended. Because they delivered a show that surpassed every expectation.

Or let's look at the 45 anniversary fireworks, that while perhaps a bit corny, have a beautiful orchestral score and do a fine job of invoking that Disneyland feeling:

Or Remember... Dreams Come True that has been a Disneyland staple since it's 2005 debut since it was that good.

Or the far shorter run of Disneyland Forever that's a decently solid show, especially when considering how short it's run was:

Heck, the abysmal Together Forever fireworks show at least tries to celebrate beloved Pixar characters and themes:

I mean, Pixar Fest was atrocious and a horrifically executed promotion- but at least it tried to be a celebration of Pixar. It's hard to believe that just a year later, when given the task of celebrating the company's most iconic character of all time- they decided it was high time to go the completely opposite route and not really have the show be a celebration of much at all.

Frontierland's Finest

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The two remixes you shared sound nothing like the versions used in Mickey's Mix Magic. The Aladdin one is completely different, and while Jungle Book is similar- it's got a distinctly different beat.

Is there something I'm missing here?
In the Aladdin remix, the part where Genie says "Diamonds" is used in the show and it might be a bit different, but the show mix of I Wanna Be Like You used the same Electro-Swing music genre to match the theme of the show.

Ismael Flores

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the more i see this show the more i think that it would had fit better in DCA. This would have worked for Hollywood backlot to give the area some life in the evenings. all those large facades especially the huge backdrop fo the Hyperion theater would have added a night entertainment to the park to help with crowd control. They wanted a dance party vibe so the projections along with maybe a return of a nightly dance area by monsters inc and the beverage carts would have given them the boost in revenue as well until they have plans on how to fix that dead side of the park.

If the elimination or decrease of fireworks is what they wanted for Disneyland then they could have enhanced the parade at Disneyland and spread out the hours so they can run it in the evening also


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I actually don't hate it. It's not my favourite. But I really like Paint the Nights music.

I do see how it doesn't try to pull the usual tear jerker move, which is a dramatical change of styling for the nighttime show.


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Wow... this feels like someone said...

“Wow, you know those dca dance parties were popular... we should bring that into the castle fireworks!”

And then they handed the idea to a group that had no idea how to make club or dance music... and only had their Disney tunes to start with.

Painful.. I can’t evn make it through the full show.

And when will they stop with those horrible Main Street projections? I guess it serves the purpose if the crowds feel like they need to be back on Main Street instead of just in the hub.

Ismael Flores

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wow hadn't seen Steve in a while and it looks like he lost a lot of weight, i would not have recognized him if i saw him in the street. He looks good
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