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Mickey's Mix Magic - New Firework Show 2019


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As for my review, the firework version is pleasant with the Grim Grinning Ghosts/Coco portion standing out. I enjoyed the creative use of the 9 shell sites with a variety of different shells going off from them. I wouldn’t recommend watching it without the pyro but I would with it. Due to it being the low season and this show not being the best received you can find a spot on Main St 15 min before the show without issue. My preferred spot being near the top of Main Street (just far enough in so that you see the projections in your peripheral vision) slightly to the right (Tomorrowland side.). So no tree blocks your view of the fireworks.

Mr. Johnson

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There's talk going around another forum of the Fantasyland pyro launchers being removed during the current castle refurb. @GiveMeTheMusic have you heard anything about this?
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I think all Fireworks shows will follow this format now: no more castle fireworks, Fantasyland will stay open, and a heavier emphasis on special effects than Pyro. It appeases Anaheim, keeps more of the park open, and saves money on Pyro.


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Curious how long this show is going to last? All through 2019? Or until summer when Galaxies Edge opens?
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