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Mickey's Mix Magic - New Firework Show 2019

Ismael Flores

Well-Known Member
IM going to hate saying this but i also saw the show yesterday and i have tobsay that its not as bad as i thought it was after seeing it on video.
Guests were actually having a good time and i was in a vantage point where i could see the crowds sort of dancing to the music.
the projections were fun and i did like what they dis with the lighting. the lasers and lights hitting the snow machines made it look like confetti and have it that extra party mood.
i do feel bad for the guests waiting in the hub though, not sure if you get the same vibe there. i didnt see projections on the castle. i would have thought the large new tarp would be used but it probably would not look good.

i did find it interesting the around the hub, they had all the guests off to the side and uaed the road as walkway for guests. it really helped the guest flow before the show started. not sure if once it starts they allow guests to fill in the street.

if not then the street would be a good place to do some projections.

overall guests seemed to enjoy it and cheered and clapped at end.

oh and the firework portion seemed much better than on videos. i heard that they added more fireworks from when it originally premiered.


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He also said that he is tired of Let it Go in shows. They are running out of ideas for what to show with Frozen.
Here's a crazy idea: Don't use it.

Disney has one of the deepest catalogues of well-known music on the planet. There's no reason that the same 6 songs from the same 6 movies need to be used in every single show. Variety is the spice of life, and all that.


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As for my review, the firework version is pleasant with the Grim Grinning Ghosts/Coco portion standing out. I enjoyed the creative use of the 9 shell sites with a variety of different shells going off from them. I wouldn’t recommend watching it without the pyro but I would with it. Due to it being the low season and this show not being the best received you can find a spot on Main St 15 min before the show without issue. My preferred spot being near the top of Main Street (just far enough in so that you see the projections in your peripheral vision) slightly to the right (Tomorrowland side.). So no tree blocks your view of the fireworks.
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