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News Mexican fine dining restaurant, Rosa Mexicano, coming to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in early 2023

TJ Vazquez

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While this makes sense, I will miss Fresh Mediterranean Market. In its heyday it was a fantastic breakfast/brunch spot.


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I'm very torn by this. I absolutely love the idea. But, Rosa Mexicano just isn't very good. I've been to 3 of them, all with the same results (and reviews at them suggest it's not any better these days). It's been a few years at this point, so I'm hoping they can get better quality going - as the concept is spot on. I'm just concerned with this chain specifically.


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"Mexican fine dining" never quite hits for me. I love Mexican food, and I like fine dining, but every time I've had Mexican fine dining I couldn't help but think "the food truck version of this would taste even better and be 1/3 the price."

Mexican fine dining…so like..3 tacos, but the lettuce was grown sustainably so the dish costs $48?


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It’s in the New Jersey constitution that you have to fly on United out of Newark.
Makes sense. If you live in Georgia, by law you have to fly Delta. And if you live in Miami and fly anyone that isn't American, you are a social pariah.

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