Keister Coaster waterslide at Disney's BoardWalk Inn closing for refurbishment in October

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You would think and the added resort the Swalphin has built but I am afraid they just don't know how to best utilize the space to make it have the draw of its neighbor Jellyrolls.
I wonder if making it have some sort of 1920s vauldville variety dinner show would work. Have magicians, comedians, escape artist(Houdini) style dinner show(then night club afterward). Hoop De has always done well and I swear having a dinner show that was easy for so may resort guests to get to would make a mint.


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And I was told the clown was coming down (loaded with asbestos) and was being replaced with nothing. A wooden coaster splashdown into a pool. Time will tell.
The chances of it containing asbestos are slim to none. The resort opened in 1996, well after the building industry moved away from asbestos, there is no real need for it to contain asbestos and the immediate area would not be open if there was remediation work occurring.


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I stayed at the Boardwalk Resort last week and we asked two CMs near the pool area wearing business clothes (with name tags) what the plan was for the slide. He said: “the creepy clown is here to stay” and then stated it’s being repainted.

However, it sounds like people are getting various answers from different CMs so we will see what really happens.

If the clown is “here to stay” then they’ll have to make a new one. The original was cut up and loaded into a van, photos all over Twitter and the internet!

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