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Keister Coaster waterslide at Disney's BoardWalk Inn closing for refurbishment in October


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Meh - I wasn't a fan of the clown but I did respect the attempt at theming. A better clown face or something that still upheld the themeing would be better than the generic "pool bridge decoration #17".

They couldn't even have used the ORIGINAL Mickey Mouse designs from that era but had to go with these garbage modern takes.

IP IP IP Baby - gotta advertise that DHS ride!

Cherry Blossom

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I can understand why Disney wanted to remove the clown since some children may be hesitant to go near the pool because of the clown. The Boardwalk area is a favorite of mine, and I am personally glad that the creepy clown is gone!!


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Now we don’t have to imagine if no one tried anyone at WDI.


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In the Parks
Half-assed is still better than the creepy clown 😜
And a non-creepy clown would have been better than half-assed.

This to me feels like one of those things that really just needed a refresh instead of a rework. The old idea was a stronger concept, more unique, based in the transportive theme of the hotel with a creative twist. A Water Slide disguised as a Boardwalk Roller Coaster. Clever, fun, different, with a standout visual element that could have been improved with minimal effort.

What's the concept now? A Waterslide with Mickey on it. Groundbreaking.

All they had to do was make the clown more appealing. Instead they eliminated the theme that made the slide special in the first place.


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Me and Tillie had a good time too but it’s gone on the shore. The clown at the slide is scary and the funniest thing about this thread is mostly of you can’t or won’t stay at the hotel anyway. It really gets angry in the basement. Why do some need to shame the new Mickey and friends characters? They have feelings too. Merry Christmas!


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Meh. It's not the most magical thing ever. This, like many of the Disney refurbs lately, is slightly more generic and slightly easier to maintain or change in the future. However, I really hated that clown and am more likely to visit Boardwalk now. Of course, my kid loves the new Mickey and friends, and my DH really wants to stay in the Crescent Lake area.

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