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Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?


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If you say so.

Do you not see the contradiction in that statement?

It took several years for the ABC culture to creep into the Disney side of the company, but it's there now, and firmly entrenched.

There is no contradiction. Saying the concept of themed entertainment is not dead does not mean Disney or anyone else has never embarked on ill fitting projects. In the case of
Animal kingdom the concept has at least for the first 20 years remained alive and well.

The culture is changing, and not just within Disney. The purchase of ABC was not the catalyst or deciding factor in the change unless you find iger single handedly responsible which he is not. Although it did contribute.

But again.. even if the culture of the company is changing and projects that didn’t belong have been approved in the past why would we as so called fans of the medium support it’s demise?


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The "cheaper" DHS plan isn't the crappy coaster. It would be a brand new mega E Ticket. But it is just one attraction with store, restaurant/bar.

The DAK pitch had more.
Now after hearing this... if THAT is the "cheap" option for DHS then sign me up completely! I'll take that in a heartbeat... I already love the Jocks Hangar in Disney Springs so a whole restaurant of something like that.. AND a MEGA E TICKET... in the park where Indy fits better... oh man count me in.


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I think the DAK pitch, as described to me, could be one of the strongest "lands" in any Disney Park.

Jungle land in DHS feels off to me.
Interesting, thanks for sharing. I didn't realize the DHS choice was an entire land - you mentioned just one Mega ride. Still I fell IJ more appropriate in HS. "Jungle land" aside, it would be next to Star Wars, so thematically I'd imagine the "immersive movie experience" as the thread, you know....all Cinemagically like.


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So it sounds like they have decided they want an Indy presence somewhere (considering they seem to be weighing a few different plans). I'm glad to hear they have active plans. I just hope something gets the green light before it falls to the wayside.

Can anyone give some odds on the likelyhood of actually getting something done though? How far out are we on this?

And if DHS' new name is Disney's Cinemagine Park ... sigh. I guess it's not the absolute worst, but ... wow


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The "cheaper" DHS plan isn't the crappy coaster. It would be a brand new mega E Ticket. But it is just one attraction with store, restaurant/bar.

The DAK pitch had more.
I am guessing this will take the place of the stunt show. I'm very pleased about that. The stunt show was never changed except for special events. I first saw the stunt show in 1991.

I don't know the nature of the ticket, but I'm all for having a new land in the proper park instead of AK.


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After this I'm going to stop commenting in this thread again until there is some sort of credible information. All the griping and moaning is getting tired.

My final comment is that I always find it annoying when others limit the brush that Imagineering can paint with. I believe, given the funding, they could do something fantastic that does fit in some way with the original tenets of DAK's founding. We sit here behind our keyboards and come up with silly ideas in minutes or cut down ideas within minutes. These people are pros, this is their job, in most items they are good at it (forget about dinorama for a moment), and they work these concepts for years, YEARS I TELL YOU.

Once something is announced with some credibility we can discuss if we believe they've once again hit the nail on the head, or pulled the wool over our eyes with Dinorama 2 or an underwhelming Little Mermaid does DAK dark ride.

But, everyone else feel free to keep commenting if you wish.


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After thinking on ways in which Indiana Jones could comfortably fit in the area (and the mission statement), I've come up with a fun solution: Dinoland USA would lose its “U.S.A.” title, and instead head south to become the park’s South America area. South America would be split into two sections: the rainforest and Patagonia. Both of these exciting regions are strongly related to archeology and dinosaurs, for very different reasons (discussed below).

Patagonia has been a site of historic fossil discoveries, including the recent discovery of ‘Argentinosaurus’, thought to be one of the largest dinosaurs to ever roam the Earth. This theme could easily overlay the boneyard and dining areas minimal overlay required, as well as a rockwork heavy re-skin of Primeval Whirl to make it appear as mine cart system used in fossil transportation. Everest in the distance could be explained as The Andes.

The second region would become the rainforest, and it would occupy the land between Primeval Whirl and Finding Nemo, and extend into to-be-developed backstage areas.

South America would be also home to a wildlife trail on the scale of Maharaja and Pangani, but would feature South American fauna such as Jaguars, Ocelots, Sloths, Ananacondas, Monkeys, Parrots, Toucans, Capybara, Piranha, Caimans and more! Areas of the trail with Everest in view would be themed as Andes region, and would feature animals such as Spectacled Bear, Llamas, and Tapirs.

The link between Indiana, dinosaurs, and South America can be personified as Percy Fawcett (or a new SEA-linked character inspired by the famed explorer). Percy was an explorer, archaeologist, and geographer who is most famous for his exploration of South America in the early 1900’s, particularly for his final mission: the search for El Dorado. While the real Percy Fawcett was never heard from and has been assumed dead since 1925 (a month into his expedition into the jungle), Indiana Jones has searched for (and rescued) Fawcett in the films’ spin-off novelizations.

Similar to legends in Africa, natives in the South American rainforest have long reported encounters with ancient animals believed to be long extinct. In fact, Fawcett himself had written about an associate's encounter with a creature that matches the description of a Diplodocus in the swamps near the border between Peru/Brazil. Similar encounters have been reported by westerners throughout the centuries. For what it's worth, Fawcett had also described encounters with other exotic jungle beasts, such as an anaconda nearly 20-feet long Why did it have to be snakes...

Fawcett is also credited as a primary inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World, which features... dinosaurs living in the South American rainforest.

Creating a new attraction (or an overlay of Dinosaur) that features Indiana Jones joining Fawcett on an adventure could lead to a multitude of potential storylines that both respect nature, the past, and animals both living and (thought to be) extinct.
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The "cheaper" DHS plan isn't the crappy coaster. It would be a brand new mega E Ticket. But it is just one attraction with store, restaurant/bar.

The DAK pitch had more.
I'd take that, personally. I mean, I wouldn't be unhappy with a full-fledged Indy land in Animal Kingdom, if that is that we were to end up getting; on the contrary, I'd be very, very happy.

But from a thematic standpoint, I think Indy fits far better at DHS. If we could get an Indy "mega E-ticket" and a well-themed restaurant/bar in DHS, and a full-fledged land than is a better thematic fit for AK, I'd be delighted.


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Funny, to me I think that the Indy IP would work very well in DAK. This subject appears to be something that would fit perfectly in Joe Rohde's wheelhouse. I could only imagine the type of land he could create with this subject matter. You could marry several different concepts into one area. Animals, top-notch aesthetics, and the Indiana Jones story. I think it would be a tremendous addition to this park. An Indiana Jones land, with Pandora, Harambe, Anandapur, Serka Zong and Discovery Island would be an absolute knockout lineup. I am hoping that Rohde gets a little leeway with his next project in DAK considering the success he has seen with Pandora (if he indeed is working on something else for DAK).


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More like an Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold boat ride.
Another boat ride - of significant length - would be welcome in DAK. The other two, both somewhat short, are enjoyable on their own merits, but a longer ride would be terrific. I enjoy variability within a park. The DAK headliners offer that currently. I real water ride would just add to that. I still think that a killer Jungle Book dark ride in Asia would be a bona fide homerun.


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If you need a long-winded explanation for why Indiana Jones fits in DAK, that probably means he doesn’t actually fit in DAK.

Proper and quality theming doesn’t need any explanation.
I wouldn't need an explanation why Indy fits in HS (he's already there, so)
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