Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

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Speaking of barley, my biggest question is will we get Bud Light stands at MK before the big 50th celebration?


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Would the MK theatre have been so much bigger than the Hyperion theatre in DCA? The Frozen show there is performed during the day and multiple times per day. Would the MK theatre have been so much different? I don’t remember reading that this was supposed to be a night time only show.
Indeed. This is the first I've heard anyone mention tickets would be sold separately for shows at the theatre. The fact everyone seemed to just go along with it had me wondering if I'd missed something...?


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This entire thread is a farce, it's filled with false information, there has never been a report on anyone's desk about crowd levels for Spectro versus MSEP, there was no 2016 decision to bring MSEP to TDO, bringing parades cross country doesn't damage them irreparably, etc, etc. I knew the language didn't reveal someone who had any experience within the company, but had to wait to verify all of this is bunk. Furthermore, the idea there is a clearance process for posting on forums is laughable.
No kidding, none of it makes sense. Replacing HEA, an incredibly popular and well-received show, after barely two years? WhenWishes ran for like 15 years? That alone doesn't make any sense, nevermind the rest.

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Furthermore, the idea there is a clearance process for posting on forums is laughable.
Of the many red flags, this one is the most obvious.
OP did mention that he/she has posted some false information to cover tracks. This could be part of it. I’m skeptical as well, but excited if true.

Someone from TDO management coming here with insider information and answering everyone’s questions is pretty much what everyone here would like most of all, I would think, but that does make it suspicious. Nevertheless, I love this thread and I’m looking forward for @Disnerd2003 to come back with more information.


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MSEP was good but it's already showing it's age.
Honestly I like the music more than any one particular float in the parade, I first saw it as a little kid in the late 70's, and a lot of the floats are different now. All the original WDW Electric Parade Floats got shipped to one of the overseas parks, but the music is the thing I remember most vividly, sitting on the steps of the old Frontierland Railroad Station back in the day.

I never really like Spectro-Magic because it didn't have that "Baroque Hoedown" song in it, I'd rather see the Electrical Water Pageant than Spectro, and I wouldn't mind all new floats for MSEP, but that song along with "Grim Grinning Ghosts", "Yo Ho a Pirate's life for me", "It's a small world after all" the Tiki Birds and Country Bears, are all things I want to experience when I go to the Magic Kingdom


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Someone mentioned to me that the OP stated all of Space Mountain's track is going to be replaced. If any of you read that and still believe one iota of what the OP types, well I've got some tropical Montana real estate to sell you at premium beach front cost.


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I don’t know whether to believe anything on this thread or not but at least its interesting and getting some discussion going. Rumors have been dead since Disappointment23
I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt, only because Disney has had some massive blunders this year... Disappointment23 like you said, Galaxy's Edge being kind of under whelming, Runaway Railway being delayed, The dust up with ***** over Tiki Room and Country Bears, Epcot Forever annoying the people it's supposed to appeal to, and then the Skyliner crashes 6 day in?

I can completely believe that someone who works for the Disney Company, and keeps a eye on these boards, felt the need to jump in and do some "Good P.R." right about now, and I really hope for their sake "Frozen 2", "Star Wars 9", and Disney+ go over well, because "Maleficent 2" bombed this weekend


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@Disnerd2003 all I really wanna know is what REALLY went down to cause them to close Pleasure Island? Who ultimately made that decision? Was the island as a whole still profitable? Was it REALLY due to guest feedback? And why didn't they build the bypass, parking garages, and pedestrian bridge and still keep the concept? Lastly, is there any plan at all for bringing back a night time district only for adults?

I have extensively researched this since its closure. Curious to hear your thoughts and insight. Thank you!
The answer to this is pretty straightforward. By 2008 Orlando nightlife market was not what it once was in the 90s. As Disney started catering more towards families, there just wasn't enough guest demand to justify operating that many nightclubs 7 nights a week. Even Church Street Station, which was the genesis for PI, suffered a similar decline was no longer a "multiple club destination."

By the end, the only nights it wasn't a ghost town were holidays and the CM free nights, which largely kept the island operating at a profit for the last few years. Add to this the drunken fights, off-duty CMs behaving badly and/or missing their next morning shift and general rowdiness associated with club culture it just had become more of a headache than it was worth.

Even now, Disney Operates Atlantic Dance Hall at the boardwalk and you can't even get more than a dozen people in there most nights. Imagine seven of them.

Personally I think they should have kept Mannequins and Adventurers Club but alas they chose to build a lifestyle center to take business away from the outlets and local malls. Disney Springs is one of their smarter decisions, as it consistently draws a crowd of locals and tourists.
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