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Trip Report I Will Survive.....Spring Break (with a hint of May) *COMPLETED*


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Can you tell me more about the 1900 Park Fare food? We have a breakfast reservation there next week! Mostly so my kiddo can see Pooh, and I can see Alice, of course. ;)
There’s a carving station with ham. A create-your-own omelette station (chef cooks but you select your ingredients). A hot Mickey waffle station. A bar with cold cereals and fresh pastries. Create-your-own oatmeal and a yogurt parfait station. Red velvet pancakes. French toast. Fresh fruit. Cheesy potato casserole. Plus the usual eggs, bacon, sausage.


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While the strawberry shortcake is gone, the s’mores tart and mint Oreo brownie kept me happy! Woody had the warm apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream and caramel. There’s a make-your-own sundae bar too.
Unfortunately HDD ruined Strawberry short cake anywhere else forever I think. And the only reason we were thinking about going to trails end is that they had Strawberry short cake! But we will just have to continue to go to HDD from now to eternity. (oh the sacrifice!)


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I've never been over when the lovebugs have been an issue but Jack called me Tuesday from Disney springs and was having a tough time dealing with them.
We have a similar problem here when certain crops are being harvested. Not a good time to wear white lol
We've been visiting WDW in May for years and this was by far the worst invasion of lovebugs we've ever experienced!

Have a safe flight home! The tragical car took us away this morning. :( It was so great to meet you even if just for a few minutes. :)
Next time let's plan for a longer meet....snacks, drinks or something!

I think it would be totally cost effective for them to put in a Monorail to your house!
I think so too.
I'm sure Bob Iger would have a different opinion......

Monorail Peach, Monorail Black, Monorail Red, Monorail Teal, Monorail Coral, Monorail Gold, Monorail Yellow, Monorail Lime, Monorail Green, Monorail Blue, Monorail Silver, Monorail Tuvalu ...

You made me LOL, Minnie!


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In conclusion (and I mean it this time!) our ride photos.

Someday I will figure out where the camera is....sigh.

Last car on Slinky, yay!

We rode Haunted Mansion twice on this day. The other photo disappeared. :joyfull:

🎶When a man loves a woman.....

He rides Splash Mountain with her. Even though he despises getting wet. Even after she tells him TWICE to take the chicken exit.

And in fulfillment of his favorite adage, no good deed goes unpunished.....the man got absolutely drenched. Not from the drop. First from the water jets before the “inside” part of the attraction; then again by a broken water pipe in the Laughin’ Place. (“It was like someone had a garden hose pointed directly at me!”)

Now, for you @amjt660, I have added *COMPLETED* to my title. :cool:


I am happy you had a May visit to the parks. Sorry I missed you at the parks are you coming for the summer as well?
We've been visiting WDW in May for years and this was by far the worst invasion of lovebugs we've ever experienced!
You are right. I have lived in Orlando all of my life and this year they are absolutely awful. For a couple of years they finally seemed to have calmed down but this year they are back with a vengeance. :hungover:


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Thanks for sharing two more great trips! I look forward to reading along on your next adventure(s) :geek:

BTW - I had a “@Tuvalu moment” at the grocery store on Sunday. Lady in front of me told the cashier not to bag a large bunch of grapes because she was going to put them in her handbag. This gave a whole new meaning to your “purse grapes.” It was very hard not to laugh 😂.

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