I don't care what anyone says, I will always love...


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Ice Station Cool.


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I really loved the DME. Getting off the plane all tired out, and hopping on the bus and starting a lovely long vacation. That was the best feeling. Decompression started on that ride.

Many folks say that happens when they get through the gate and see the castle. Naw, the bus did it for me.



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DDP .. used correctly we did get value and a small savings.
MS .. never got sick but always have a great thrill. Go intense always
EE .. even without a working Yeti it delivers
Alien Encounter.. was the best Disney had in a long time and never should have disappeared
CM’s … never had a bad encounter. Always there for us
CBJ .. sure it’s corny but it’s classic clean fun. Not sure how I’ll accept the new roll out .
TSI … relaxing area to stroll through , love the fort and caves.
Turkey legs.. greasy but always a must do
Just plain fireworks shows.. no projections , no drones . Give me the booms and sparkles
Splash.. Ooh Disney, caving in just made you weaker.
Contemp.. may not be flashy but we enjoy the stay and what we get.

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