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I've loved everything about WDW since 1983, but I no longer am in their target audience so I can no longer participate in the thing that I was obsessed with for over 35 years. They had priced me out of the hotels a few years ago, but only recently priced me out of being able to afford to go to the parks anymore, which had been the object of my affection. It was something that I looked forward to immediate after leaving and building up until I went again. So, if I sound angry or negative that is the reason why. I might have some money in my retirement plans, but unless I want the government to support me for whatever life I still have left my desire to remain independent has forced me to be responsible and not spend it on such a luxury when I might need it for food and shelter someday. I just cannot take that chance. So the one thing after my family that was a hugely important part of my life is, for all intents and purposes, unreachable.

To the OP... continue to enjoy all those thing that others put down, because no one other than Disney themselves will ever do things to make that out of reach. Enjoy like I did for 35 years. They go by at the speed of light and I advise you not to waste any of them.

I really don't have anything to complain about. I made forty eight trips to WDW, (through a number of changes in both numbers of parks and attractions therein) one visit to Disneyland in Anaheim (50th Anniversary) and one to Disneyland Paris. I got far more enjoyment out of the stuff than most people have ever had the ability to experience. I consider that very lucky.

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