I don't care what anyone says, I will always love...


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SUMMER in the parks either right before the big crowds arrive or when they start to thin
Wishes, nuff said
Innovations was so much fun when I was a kid
Imagination, but it needs to be restored to its original glory
AK more than a zoo and pretty good food for a theme park
WS sans festivals, there's something fun about strolling through there when not clogged up


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...the days before Fastpass/Fastpass+/Lightning Lane. Everybody waited and the lines were shorter. You also didn't need to repeatedly crisscross the park or stare at your phone.
The ones in shape were the early birds that gets the worms. At rope drop when DHS opened at 9am back in the day, it was an all out running sprint to Toy Story to get FPs, then a full sprint to Tower of Terror and RnR to get those FPs first thing in the morning.


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Seaside was our go to, also. Maruca’s for pizza, Midway for cheesesteaks and lemonade, and Kohr’s for custard. Mmmmmmmm.
Here you go…


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