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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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I don’t think the tree gives off that much light. It is definitely a result of the park lighting on and off stage
I agree. The tree is at the World Showcase bridge to Future World. Way too far to give off any noticeable light to a building behind Wonders of Life Pavilion. I believe the glow is more likely to be coming from established backstage lighting such as CM Parking and other areas nearby as well as maybe some nearby on-stage lighting.
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This is true.

Stand-by riders get lots of exposition.

FP+ riders get bugs.
Don't get me wrong, I'll make that trade for 3hrs of my time back. I am a little surprised they didn't open up one of those rooms, but I guess they thought standby folks would throttle those passing them.


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We were there 3 weeks ago and thought very differently. Oh well. Depends on the guest I guess.
I thought I had taken a photo, just found it. This is from 11/29. This is a quick pic from my iphone, and in person looks a bit more blue. I took it because my wife and I were remarking about how well it blended with the sky.
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I noticed that on Wikipedia the other day... I looked him up to tell my husband more about him. I was a bit surprised at that match, but what do I know? :)
I hinted about it last summer but wasn’t something I wanted to outright talk about. I don’t like to get involved with the politics of people’s jobs in situations like this.

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During the preshow: Peter Quill: “hey, I remember this place! I think it’s called Disney Epcotland or something like that. I remember going here in the 70’s. Looks a lot different, I don’t remember this giant box. Must be some kind of power source that we can harness and use to save the galaxy! Oh no, it’s Thanos! To the Milano!”

Sorry, I can't help myself. Peter didn't go to EPCOT in the 70's. It didn't open until 1982. :D:D:D:D:D


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