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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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So since he experienced it in its previous glory, can we assume that Peter Quill is also disappointed to see what has become of EPCOT Center?

Seriously though, the cognitive dissonance involved in destroying a legacy while appealing to memories and nostalgia is amazing.

That's great! It would be quite redeeming if that was the underlying theme. It would almost excuse Bob's statement about it adhering to the original vision of Epcot.

Dapper Dan

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It was more of, how can a human possibly believe that an attraction based on an IP that Disney didn't create is somehow "more Disney" than one with things designed by people hired by actual Walt, who worked on actual Disney films, and included a prehistoric diorama scene inspired by an attraction from the Walt era that Walt himself narrated. It's kind of hard to get more Disney than that, but I guess photoshopping a kid in front of Spaceship Earth does the trick.


I'm caught in two minds on this one. I think a coaster in each park is necessary, so this is great news in that sense. But I don't think it should be at the expense of something so important to EPCOT's initial values.

It's blatant that something needed doing with UoE, but this? Most I know just wanted it to be an updated show, the same goes for CoL in The Land.

The frustrating thing is that FW has the spine of a great, modern feel with SE, MS, TT, and Soarin.

Then again, it's not like FW is crammed full of IPs, is it? There's Nemo, which is one part of a land that has more meaning. So long as the inevitable redevelopment of Figment sticks with the core principals of EPCOT, I don't think FW is in danger of losing its identity.

That said, IPs are certainly taking over WS, and with Frozen and Ratatouille in there too, along with GOTG confirmation, it does appear that FW could stand for something very different by its 40th.

Hopefully, the higher-ups recognise this and when the other side of WS is developed, they make sure it doesn't go IP overkill.


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Get over yourself. This isn't about you. Embrace change. Why don't all you complainers go start a, "we hate anything Disney does" thread so those of us that want to talk about the progress and change happening at WDW can do so without the clutter of nonsensical crap that won't change the outcome that you want?
Respectfully, you could always go and find one of many pixie dust driven forums where everything is wonderful and every change is for the better.


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I hope the coaster is more like The Mummy or Gringotts (perhaps a bit more thrilling than the latter). THAT would be cool. A sort of hybrid of a ride instead of a straight roller coaster like RnRC. I like roller coasters but I'd like to see better theme here than just a quick 1 minute ride in the dark.

Clyde Birdbrain

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I'm optimistic that they will incorporate the Guardians of the Galaxy characters in such a way that it is still relevant to Future World and educates us about energy. If you think about it, Universe of Energy currently uses Jeopardy to teach us about Energy. Jeopardy is an IP not owned by Disney and Marvel is, so you could argue that this would make it "more Disney". Just like Figment teaches us about imagination, the Guardians will replace Bill Nye and Ellen to teach us about energy.


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For people upset, I don't get the difference between using Ellen and Jeopardy to tell a story (both IPs in their own right) vs using a Marvel property. Especially when I believe we have no idea what this attraction will actually be. How do we know the core lessons about sustainability and eco friendly energy won't still be there?

You're forgetting one large part of the EEA equation: Bill Nye. Bill provides the balance in that he has credibility as a scientist. You can also consider Bill to be "IP" that is quite fun, but his contributions to science education and policy making are invaluable. This is why I'm worried about GoTG.

With that said, Disney has just become plain LAZY when it comes to EPCOT and theming in general. For those who say that we should be grateful that this will get more people into EPCOT again, thus they will invest in the park, what do you think happened the past 20 years or so? Instead of investing money in an updated vision of the future beyond the turn of the century, Disney acquired OTHER ENTITIES' IP while EPCOT stagnated. Let that sink in for a minute. No, I'm not a complainer. I accepted almost all of the changes to EPCOT up until this point, even when ORIGINAL DISNEY IP was jammed into EPCOT. This is were I draw the line. I hope I'm wrong, and it's a good ride that fits with the Future theme.

Universal invested and built while Disney sat on its behind. Now, Disney is trying to catch up with Universal by copying off of it. Maybe EPCOT would be more popular if they invested in Future World back in the 90's/2000's to make it look like 2050. Instead, they put Sega games in Innoventions and fart gags in Imagination. LAZY! EPCOT Center worked because it was cohesive and represented a future 30 years out. EPCOT was about the 21st Century as envisioned in 1982. It's not like it was a secret that it would be needing an overhaul every 20 years or so.

For those saying it's hard to keep up with changes in technology, that was the whole point of EPCOT Center looking 20 years ahead (or more, see Horizons). Where is the vision, now? SEGA GAMES, PEOPLE!!!!


EPCOT used to be where new ride systems were first demonstrated and then cloned in other parks. Now, EPCOT gets clones from other parks. LAZY!

And for those who feel the need to call people out on their threats to boycott, I did it. I live very close to the resort and made multiple trips per year. I did not go ONCE from August 2003 (soft opening of Mission: Space - yes, I gave it a chance!) until October 2007 when a then-16-year-old fan created Celebration 25 because Disney was LAZY. Now, there are D23 fanniversary events up the wazoo that charge up the wazoo. If that's not Disney being LAZY, I don't know what is.

Yes, make changes and make money. Just don't be LAZY about it! Be on the forefront like you used to be! This is why I find it so hard not to be insulted at this point!
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He isn't wrong though.

There are aspects of truth to it. But Epcot FW died a long time ago. I've mourned it. And will personally judge anything new based on how it is implemented and integrated into a stated and executed theme.

We didn't get a new stated Theme for FW, I feel like they planned to state something new, but backed off of it because it is a live wire. We did get an updated one for WS though.

Madame Medusa

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Bill Nye. Bill provides the balance in that he has credibility as a scientist.

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