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Frozen at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the summer?


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Are the fireworks still going on for Frozen at HS? I'll be there on Monday night and I would love to see them.
From what I know, up until the 28th Sept, the fireworks still happen, but only on fri-sun nights weather permitting, if its rainy, then they still do them, but without the stageshow portion, as seen in @wdwmagic 's video link. Got no word of them extending the fireworks, but if they're making Wandering Oakens a perm location at the old AFI building, its possible they may keep the sing along and move it to the old AIE building, {I recall it has a much larger theater seating space}


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Are the fireworks still going on for Frozen at HS? I'll be there on Monday night and I would love to see them.
Though it's always subject to change, Disney's website schedule says not that evening.

Featuring an awe-inspiring display set to the glorious music of the movie, the Frozen Fireworks Spectacular may be experienced on the following dates: July 5 - August 22; August 24 - September 1; September 5 - 7; September 12 - 14; September 19 - 21; and September 26 - 28, 2014.


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Did they announce a new extended date for the sing-along today?
Staggs said it and Oaken's (new location) would continue through the holidays. And he seemed to suggest that the sing-along is staying where it is, not moving to AIE.


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Fireworks are actually really good and worth seeing. Outside of 50s Prime Time is a great place to see the pyro, but you can't really see the stage and not all of the Echo Lake BGM is turned off during the show (but it's mostly loud enough to still hear everything). I found it hard to find a place to get a good view of both.


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thanks for the scoop Steve. I'm sad I'll not see the fireworks once they finish, but the few things ceasing their run on the couple staying do keep the overall perceived Frozen overload down. What will be present come November, if I'm correct is the sing along, Wandering Oaken's, the meet and greet, a presence in the parade at the MK and Elsa freezing the castle. Am I wrong that it's those 5 things? Still more than any other IP has, but it's the hot item at the present. But to hear some folks, WDW is wall to wall Frozen. It's not my favourite film by far, but it's not really everywhere at all times either.


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So that's why they closed the American Film Institute Showcase?!?

Wow.. that was the best part of the Backlot Tour... gone fore merch & a playground.
Good for Frozen fans.. but idu why they couldn't keep Wandering Oakens where it is now.


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Well that sucks. At least I saw the fireworks once.
Echoing your sentiment. The fireworks were the only part that my teens and I had interest in... and they were good! I didn't mind all the other elements which held interest to other families, as we had that to look forward to at the end the day.
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