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Pre-Trip Flowers, Food & Fun- A May Pre-trip report!


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Update- After the announcement of Star Wars Land early opening... August 29, the day after our Anniversary- 😑we always try to go on our anniversary or close to it. I canceled Our September (Late August trip) Took a lot of thought because we knew we were taking a break to let it die down somewhat, but expected to get that 4 day trip in. I can’t see making a trip smack in the middle of that chaos though.

Silver lining to this??? We added, ironically, May 4th, Star Wars Day to this trip. Go figure! No ADRs or anything this day, just a bonus. We will figure out another short trip hopefully before the opening.

Here is the double bad, non silver lining.

I don’t think we will be renewing our APs when they die In September. 😭😭

It just seems stupid, if we are taking a break. We will not be going until at least May next year and being tied to the renewal date expiration makes no sense right? It seems we would be better off, paying full price online and not having them be active until we do go back?
AP holders please chime in! The last time we had APs, we did not renew.

Same kind of situation. We turned 10 day park hoppers into APs in August 2015, went again in May 2016, because it was cheaper. Granted, with September, November, May, and a summer long weekend, we got way more bang for the buck this time (2018-2019) I know prices are going to go up, but you have 30 day window to renew correct? So 8/4 I can renew?( 9/4 they expire) If prices go up before then, I have to renew at new price- to my understanding? If they do not raise them by then (Lol) we would probably be stupid not to renew.
Thanks in advance, I know I am babbling!
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