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Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment


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The incredible irony about today's Epcot presentation was this -

The young project lead from WDI up on stage going on about how much EPCOT Center meant so much to him when he was a kid 35+ years ago, and how he is now tasked with bringing that 'wonder, inspiration, and imagination' he experienced back to the Park with this new re-development.
He's going on and on about it, even breaking out the 'embarrassing family photos' and yet........

There is ONE glaringly obvious omission from the topic being covered that unanimously represents that 'wonder, inspiration, and imagination' statement.
ONE key element.
ONE Pavilion that embodied that statement.....and is completely overlooked during the panel.

Yeah, THAT one.
What's it called......?

Oh, right.

He even mentioned "a little purple dragon" in his remarks, which I was certain would be firshadowing for an anouncement.


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Didn’t they say that World Celebration was all about the core ideals of Epcot etc etc? Imagination is a part of that on the map. I’m feeling optimistic. Figment fits that bill.


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It’s been a waiting game for nearly 20 years.

The parks are now lumped in with Consumer Products, so it was the appropriate panel.
Sorry— I was implying that that lumping, for lack of a better term, is tone deaf. The frustration many of us have experienced while watching EPCOT/Epcot rot for decades has worn our patience too thin for Parks Panel shenanigans with Bullseye the Target dog. And what was actually announced during the Epcot segment? Much of it sounded and looked like more random clutter. I couldn’t make heads or tails of what was truly happening v. what was dressed-up fluff.

Theme vision 1955

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Disney has been able to get away with leaving imagination as it is since it was ruined back in the late 90s, because Epcot hasn’t seen any major changes like this in a long long time. It is the only attraction in all of Epcot at this point that obviously needs attention, as almost every other part of Epcot is doing well, with construction going on with gotg cosmic rewind and wonders of life. Basically, Disney will be forced to address the elephant, or shall I say figment in the room 😉 in the next year or so, so all I want to say is to think on the bright side, and know that now we are closer to getting an update than we have been in a long time🙃!


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Okay, here is my optimistic approach: maybe they sent the young guy on stage with his family pictures to attempt to show us that they “get it” and really understand what needs to be done with the park, knowing full well that the details they were about to present would leave us underwhelmed. After so many years it is hard to trust that no news is good news, but I guess we will find out. If it is really the biggest overhaul of any Disney Park ever, as stated on stage, they cannot leave it as-is.


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Nothing has changed since last month.

A new attraction is coming. It is still several years away.

A betting man would say it’ll close around the time SSE reopens.
I wasn't aware there was any doubt over this...I couldn't imagine a situation that would have five complete pavilions closed simultaneously. If JII went down, you would have only Land, Seas, TT and Mission Space open at the front of the park with SE, Innoventions, UoE, JII, WoL, Spine and Entrance all a construction area.

It may be a bad ride, but it least it is a functional one...

Brer Oswald

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Martin said Brazil and JII replacement likely wouldn’t show up at D23.

Brazil and JII didn’t show up at D23.

Imagine that.

It’s coming, and we just need to be patient. That being said, it’s hard to be quite hopeful or optimistic for the future of the Pavilion. I know they’ll keep Figment, but will they be bring back who Figment was? Who’s to say? Will Dreamfinder return? Probably not.

I downright expect an incoherent mashup of Inside Out and Figment that is just marginally better than what’s there now, for obvious reasons. I just know that’s one of the pitches. Will it be the one that wins out? I hope not, but time will tell.
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