Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

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Hey guys, I have some really exciting news.

I figure it needed it's own thread since it's separate to the current one about Inside Out, and both could happen in some way.

Figment is a serious contender for the reImagination of the pavilion. The budget remains from previous proposals, and I am just as surprised as you are.

Now, you may ask, will this be announced at D23? For that, I haven't a clue, unfortunately. A lot of talks are moving internally and I'm actually quite optimistic right now.


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I'll ask it since others will:
Any word on Dreamfinder joining the journey?

I surely hope so but I won't complain.

I realize I am in the vast minority on this, but if you told me I could pick between Dreamfinder and no Figment or Figment and no Dreamfinder, I'd take Dreamfinder. I would love to have him back. There's no chance they'd do Dreamfinder without Figment, though, so that's not a worry for anyone.

Mostly I just hope it stays an Imagination ride and doesn't turn into something IP.


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