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favorite que line.


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Magic Kingdom: Haunted Mansion, Pirates

AK: It's Tough To BE A bug

Studios: Tower Of Terror

Epcot: Test Track

DLP: Pirates of the Caribbean

We had friends who went with us to DLP, we got seperated from then and they went to Pirates, stated walking down the hall to the ride and they turned around said the walk was too long, and they didn't realize it was a ride:brick: They had never been to any Disney Park and they only went to the shows, didn't go on any rides :brick: :brick: But that is a discussion for another thread "Friends that Whine and complain on your trip to Paris"


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From the old school I miss Mickey's Musical Review which would have gotten my vote had the powers that be not moved it to the Far East.
This one is easy for me....
Splash Mountain


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The best ques

And i would say

MK: Space Mountain- The visuals are really cool and the music gives me an overload of goosebumps. I even have it on my Mp3 lol
Pirates-Just too coool, i can still remember when my dad had to lift me up to see the skeletons playing chess.
Haunted Mansion- Those gravestones are great. And the cobwebs and changing portraits. It's just a classic.

Epcot: Test Track- All of the car tests make you want to just stand there looking at them. Really cool.

MGM: Tower of Terror- My favorite yet (until I ride everest). Just seeing everything in the exact same shape it was in when the elevator was zapped makes it really eerie and creepy. Plus the steam jets with the slow, fuzzy, 30's tunes in the backround.:lookaroun

AK: Kali River Rapids- for now. It'll probably switch to E:E in november.
(It's tough to be a bug is really cool too).


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Glad someone said Space Mountain. Nice to get outta the SUN. Funny someone voted Splash Mountain - I have been outside in the line for 45 minutes August 1st this year. Stupid me (or is it Stupid Judy) for going to MK on August 1st anyhow. I think I lost 10 pounds in sweat. But I do like the Brer Frog in the que. I like Mexico in EPCOT because there is NEVER EVER a line! But sure wish they would do a nice display at the entrance instead of those very expensive wooden carved animals. JEESH.


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Magic Kingdom: Pirates
I love the skeletons playing chess and the cannonballs and the long halls with all the turns. It really feels like you're walking through some ancient Spanish fort.
Runner-up: Space Mountain. I dig the long, dim corridor with the cool music and those weird hologram things.

Epcot: Test Track
It's cool and everything, but it's really the only line in Epcot worth spending some time in. Not sure why, but the lines in that park are really dull. (Think Maelstrom and Soarin'.)

MGM: Tower of Terror
The lobby is amazing, and I wish the line actually went through more of it. It's so detailed and evocative, but you spend so little time in that area.
Runner-up: Backlot Tour. I dislike the ride, but I love the gigantic prop room that you pass through on the way to board the trams. Again, it's a shame you pass through it so quickly that you have no time to really see much.

Animal Kingdom: Everest
Awesome line. I like how you wind through the village, then the store, then the museum.
Runner-up: Kali River Rapids. They did a beautiful job with that line. It's too bad all that detail doesn't extend to the ride itself, which is pretty disappointing.


Magic Kingdom: Haunted Mansion
Runner Up: Space Mountain

Epcot: Test Track
Runner Up: Mission: Space

MGM Studios: Tower of Terror
Runner Up: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Animal Kingdom: Kali River Rapids
Runner Up: Expedition Everest

All In All, I Think Animal Kingdom Has The Best Ones.

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