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favorite que line.


New Member
My favriote line was Delta dream flight, like once you were inside. and you go through that colored lights jet engine tunnel. To bad its defunct now, that was one of my favriote rides/lines. Space Mountain is also cool as long as you have a fast pass and don't have to stare at the spinning galaxies for 45 minutes :brick:


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im a rocker so i have to say seeing those records and memoribillia at rockin roller coaster makes it the best ride and que in the park!


Well-Known Member
It's tough, so I guess I'll just make a list. They're all pretty good (exept for turtle talk).

MK-between Space Mountain and HM
Studios- ToT
AK- for now, kali river rapids, but it'll probably change to EE once I go in november.


New Member
I have to say Space Mountain. They have such cool stuff inside and you get to hear cool space music. Really, the music is so cool, it actually makes me feel like being an astronaut when I hear it!


Well-Known Member
Magic Kingdom: Pirates
Epcot: Mission: SPACE
MGM: Tower of Terror
Animal Kingdom: Kali River Rapids (Everest a close second)

Over at Universal...
The Studios: Revenge of the Mummy
IOA: Dueling Dragons

Best queue of all time from any park I have visited: Dueling Dragons.


Well-Known Member
im a rocker so i have to say seeing those records and memoribillia at rockin roller coaster makes it the best ride and que in the park!
I thought you said "i'm in a rocker", which made me skeptical on why you have been on rnrc. :lol:

anyhow, I'd have to say Everest, Pirates, Philharmagic, and Tower of Terror.


New Member
I can't choose one overall so here goes

MK - Pirates
AK - Kali RR
Ep - Food rocks! (loved to read the facts on the walls!)

The marble doors on Rock and Rollercoaster though?

Oh i can't choose!!


Active Member
Studios - Muppets 3D, TOT, RnRR (Ileana Douglas!)
MK - Buzz Lightyear
AK - Tough to be a Bug (love finding the animals in the tree roots)
Epcot - ?


New Member
Everest. The only thing that bothers me is the store in front of the museum never seems to have a cashier handy. I've always wanted to by me some of that Yea-Tea. It looks delicious. :animwink:


New Member
def Rockin Rollercoaster.... something about that que line (mostly all inside) makes the wait less painful..

or expedition everest when it's nice outside!


New Member
Best Ques

Magic Kingdom
Pirates of the Caribbean
Haunted Mansion
Buzz Lightyear

Test Track

Tower of Terror

Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest


New Member
Hey everybody!!
Long time reader first time poster, here!!!

My favorite queues are...

Magic Kingdom- Definitely Splash Mountain. The queue really sets the mood for the whole ride and I like how it has pictures of the characters and places that are involved in the ride.

Epcot- Test Track, by far. I really think it is cool how they show all the mini car testings. Its fun to walk slowly and just watch them, but then of course people get mad at you so you have to walk faster.

MGM- Tower of Terror. Its reeeeeallly cooool. Its soo creepy. I wanna film a movie there because the line is just so amazing and creepy. I LOVE the dusty adn cobwebby lobby.

Animal Kingdom- Everest. Nothing can be said. It's just too amazing. In my opinion best queue in all of WDW.


New Member
hmmmmm thats a toughy.
erm i would have to say.
  • epcot - mission:space.
  • magic kingdom - either POTC or splash mountain.
  • MGM studios - gotta be tower of terror.
  • animal kingdom - do ya have to ask?!,its everest of course!,though kali is a close second.


New Member
The blue room in Test Track's que makes my head feel like it is imploding.

LOL...So I'm not the only one who this happens to. It's a wierd feeling when you walk in that room.

My favorites for each park are:

MK- POTC (cold and damp..what else could you want on a hot day?..lol)

Epcot- Journey Into Imagination (I like the different lab doors)

MGM- TOT (the best!)

AK- Dinosaur

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