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favorite que line.


Magic Kingdom--->close between Buzz and Mickey and Minnies Homes(I know, i know but they are like mini ques...especially if your trying to open the refigerator in Minnie's house but people are in the way cause they are "baking a cake")

Epcot--->I love the trivia on Soar'in but I have to say Test Track

MGM--->oooooo this is hard...I say a tie between Great Movie Ride, Muppets and RR(I love Steven Tyler ^_^ )

Animal Kindom--->Everest hands down...but before that came it was the line to order at McD's:drevil:


New Member
Haunted Mansion
Jungle Cruise

EPCOT (not Epcot):
Mission Space

Tower of Terror
Indoor Part of RnRC (with the concert posters)




New Member
Currently my favorite queues right now ones that have that classic scare or adventure feel to them (Tower of Terror, PotC, and Haunted Mansion). Although, if we're talking all time I have to go with my lost love of Horizons. Those yesteryear look at the future paintings they had in the queue just made me really want to find a way to build a city in space!


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EPCOT-Test Track
AK-Kali (haven't been on Everest yet)
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Potc, splash mountain, the haunted mansion, rock n roller coaster,ToT,Mickey's Philharmagic, buzz lightyear and It's tough to be a bug. ok i know there is alot but oh well :lol:


Active Member
rock and roll roller coaster - just for the aerosmith introduction with steve tyler adding his usual flamboyant touch! (dlp)

I do like the queue system for haunted mansion (dlp) as you get a really nice view of thunder mountain and the rest of fronteirland.


New Member
Space Mountain!!! The cool, the dark and the MUSIC!!!! And I don't really like the ride, but I LOVE that queue!!!!!!!! Planets and holograms and the moon........oh, can't wait to be there again!!!


Well-Known Member
My two favorites are ToT and the Great Movie Ride. ToT has a newspaper on the check-in desk that has a headline about a woman whose last name is the same as my mother's maiden name (which isn't very common). I always find that amusing.


New Member
MK: Haunted Mansion. I love the tombstones. And the stretching room, if that even counts as part of the queue.
EPCOT: Test Track. My dad works for GM and after going on it with him I am able to give a detailed history of what every single tiny thing does.
MGM: Rock 'n' RollerCoaster. Considering I love Aerosmith, and the entire line is inside, where its nice and cool(extremely important in July!) there's no contest for this one.
AK: It's Tough to Be a Bug. It's very cool(temperature-wise) and the detail is amazing. Makes some of my family a little claustrophobic though.

erasure fan1

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This is tough but,

MK- Splash mountain is my favorite. When you start into the que and you hear the splash mountain music, it makes you feel like you entering the song of the south.

MGM- Star Tours, but being a starwars nut my view is probably slanted.:D

AK- Kali river is a great que, to bad the rides so darn short.

Epcot- El rio del tiempo :lookaroun The mexico pavillion is cool though.

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